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Since I got the Call.... Plus a bit of backstory.

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What a Crazy past 24 hours..


I have looked through a few website & bookmarked them. I have watched a couple peoples stories & marked a few more to watch.

Then as the Appointments came & went I didn't fully know if I was going to be able to do the surgery, or when. It took a lot of inner struggling to think is this the right choice for me. Then cold calling from the net to find No doctors even though the net said their were 5 around me. Finally found one 45min to an hour away, which I have come to find out is Nothing. Compared to lots of other people. I called & had to wait quite awhile to get in. honestly looking back I think it has been a good thing, its made me know what I want & how I will make this work. then going through the Doctor Appointments & Test. Then waiting....

Then Yesterday just before, their office closed I Got The Call! AND The Date! Sept 9, I just have to do my Blood Labs, but provided nothing major is found Full steam ahead. then reality hit.... They told me to start picking up things that I needed, Protein Shakes, Supplements & a few things that make the first couple months more manageable. I had not done it due to the fact if I couldn't do the surgery for whatever reason.

Thank goodness I am old school & take notes as I watch peoples videos & read blogs & of course looking through the treads on this site. I have started ordering some things online & have a shopping list. I am nervous & excited at the prospect of a New future!

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Right there with you. My surgery is Sept 17th. I switched a few weeks ago to half liquid and half lean and green diet a couple weeks ago and dropped 8 lbs.

good luck with your surgery.

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I suggest not buying a lot of protein powder or drinks up front. You may get sick of them and will be able to get enough protein from regular food.

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I am sticking with Vanilla. You can add flavoring as needed to change it up. I only bought 1 thing of it, to try it out & see how it taste. I figure I will have plenty of time to figure out what works. I just need to get some Sugar Free popsicles & Jello. Find some Broth the thought of that sound very unappealing. I am not a soup fan, but time will tell, it might be my FAVORITE. :P

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Congrats....I just got the phone call for my 1st appointment with the surgeon on Sept 9th....then I have to wait for insurance..

The brand "Unjury" has very good chicken soup...its online only...

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