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Day 7 of liquid pre-op and I haven't killed anyone yet



It's almost getting to be a routine. Veg soup and Protein at every meal. An SF popsicle to wash down dinner. Yesterday was the first time I didn't need a nap and was alert, and productive throughout the day. The previous few days, I'd really started to worry about how I was going to work because I couldn't string two thoughts together and all I wanted was a nap.


It's funny, I'm not really hungry, but today, I want to BITE into something--or someone, when I'm feeling cranky :) I haven't been as cranky as I thought I would be--but I want to CHEW something.


I feel grateful that I have this opportunity to do something that seemed impossible, and win at it. It sends me into surgery with a feeling of power and control. And I need that. Being--or feeling--powerless over my weight for all these years really affects my self-image. I don't feel this helpless about anything else in my life.


Tomorrow, we drive 11 hours to go to my ex-husband's wedding reception. Then Sunday we do it all over again, except in reverse. I can't eat anything at the reception. R and I will just have to have our shakes before. He's in the kitchen, getting the "travel soups" ready.


Anyone who says this is the easy way out has no idea what they're talking about. I have a feeling i will be saying this with even more vehemence after the surgery when I'm in pain :)


But hey, 7 days down, and I'm still on track. Yay me!


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I feel your pain! My surgery date is July 31st and this diet is making me so drained! I tried to increase my vitamins and intake of protein but still dead tired after work and have to take a nap. Glad to know that I'm not in this alone....... Trying to stay strong!

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