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So I when to see my doctor he cleared me to eat regular food, but I have some questions regarding wraps, breads(turkey sandwich) broccoli, salad and alcohol. I asked so many questions that I forgot to ask him about these. How did u guys eat on a regular diet.

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Here is some advice I can give you. Eat off small plates (cake plates) this is a mind game when you see the plate is full. Put your fork completely down between bites. When you don't feel empty and more stop eating and you can eat somemore later. Try little bites of things to see if it still agrees with you or that you even like the taste of it. Use a table spoon when serving out your plate. Alcohol. hummm, I just tried it for the first time and what I had would have been a gulp for anyone else but it too me all day until I gave up on it.

I hope this helps you and good luck.

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try new things one at a time. so you can isolate 'issues'. Brocolli did me in and was I surprised! Avoid alcohol, generally for 6 months...

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Great advice. Time yourself....20 minutes. I still us the small untensils that I received in the hospital (when eating at home) to make sure my bites are small. Chew well, eat slow. Good luck and enjoy. I found out that sometimes one bite is enough of a food I thought I missed. :)

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