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I got the call!



Do you remember where and what you were doing when you received the call; the call to confirm your surgery date?


I happened to miss my call because I was at work and while in a meeting left my cell phone at my desk. Once I got to my phone I recall listening to my message and once I heard the messages stoppded, hung up and found a private office. At least 3 times I played the message back before calling the office to confirm I received the message.


The staff I worked with at Temple University are the best. They worked with me through all of the bumps in the road I encountered. The were encouraging, thoughtful, understanding and most importantly supportative. I can never thank them enough.


My big day is July 22, 2013.


The first thing I did was to review my food and supply list and go shopping. I have all of the required vitamins, protein drinks, soft foods, etc. for the first three weeks. The second thing I did was call my support team. They were excited and supportive as well that the date had finally been set.


I really doubled down on making sure I am chewing my food well, drinking plenty of water and eating small portions. I have been successful in lossing 10 pounds in two weeks being this steadfast. I would love to have more weight off by surgery day. I need to get good before and after pictures.


Clothes! I have no plans to run out and purchase new clothes. Well, if anything I am looking forward to smaller underware. :) But I want to see what the first 3 months of this journery bring. So with that I plan to dust off the sewing machine as well as visiting a few second hand stores in my area. Of my intial weight loss since I began this journery June 1, 2012 I lost 25 pounds. I gained 15 then lost 10. In this process it has been great treading clothes with my sister. She is has been dieting and we exchange notes on what we eat and how we prepare food. So during a recent visit I was given lots of clothes, even some that don't fit.


For the clothes that don't fit they are my reward clothes. I can't wait to wear them. I do realize that not everyone likes to wear clothes from second hand shops and that's fine. Do what works for you in getting the new wardrobe for the new you.


As of this writing I have not requested off time from work. I have not told my employer, I do however plan to follow the proper procedures to inform them of needed time off and setup the paperwork for short term disablilty and FMLA. I hope I need only 3 weeks off. I feel guilty missing work, but I have the time so this is I how I have planned my days off.


I wanted to get back in the groove of visiting this site and hearing and sharing the journerys we all are taking in this process. I signed up a year ago and when I hit my snag I stopped visiting. But I realized I will need support along this journey and what better place to be than here.


My other big call I received was June 13, 2013, that call was the pre-op testing. I was surprised that I will be there all day but it is necessary for my journery. I have to meet the surgeon as well that day so its cool I will bring my supplies with me so I don't get hungry. :D


The last call I am waiting for is the one when the hospital calls and tells you what time to arrive. That is the pot of gold! :P All systems are go then baby!


I hope to continue to share as well as read and interact with everyone here. Continued success on your journery.




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Hello Karen, It's good to read all your preparations for the big date. I asked lots of questions of people who had just been through this surgery before I had mine. It was helpful and I understood the roller coaster emotional ride that is happening throughout this entire procedure. The best thing I have been told were three steps to keep in mind. Step 1: Oh, wow, I am really doing this.... I better get all my ducks in a row,,,, Step 2: Day 1 right after surgery....... Oh no, what have I done to myself.......... Two weeks out....Step 3: Wow, why didn't I do this sooner. Best advice I can give you is, give your body time to heal after the big day. Good luck and see you on the other side.

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Hello Neuanfang,

When I opted a year ago to take the journey I bought so many books, but my favorite is by the doctors that did the show Big Medicine I love Garth. They told it like it was. If I had not read the book I would have given up.

I think I will hit Step 3: Wow, why didn't I do this sooner, in full throttle LOL But as they say all good things come to who wait. My patience is winning.

Thanks for the encouragement. I look forward to being on the other side!

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Hi Karen and Congrats on your approval and surgery date! I totally understand it is the best feeling, I will follow your journey too and my surgery date is July 12th, but we all benefit from each others stories/journey, keep us posted of your pre op visits, I am waiting on the call from the hospital to tell me the time I sure hope its early morning, it would be nice, but I do no I will have a 2 day admit, and I am believing God all will be well for all of US! its funny because when I get on this site and the gastricsleeve.com site I get super excited and extremely anxious for this to hurry up :) like a kid at Christmas! other wise I am focused on my pre op diet, its starting to kick in now this is my 1st week and I am getting the head aches, but I can eat lean meat and vegetables and fruits just no carbs, But there are some healthy carbs right?...lol...lol, but I am hanging in there cause I want to and I need to actually I have to , but take care.

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@LadyAngela67, thanks and congrats to you as well! I hear we are family buzzing in my head for all us waiting to have the procedure. Lol

My sister called and is trying to get time off from work to stay through my first three days, surgery and discharge. I think after that I will be able to function on my own.

I totally agree with you that the exchanges we all have is of great benefit. I want to get my bag packed form my hospital stay. Hunting the the Gas-X strips hoping Walgreen's has them. If this process is anything like my gallbladder being removed I'll need them for the gas.

I purchased tuna along with chicken and turkey. It will be flaked so I figure if I pulse it in the food processor I can eat it and get my proteins.

I've fallen in love the sugar free peach jello. It's the only one that does not have an after taste. So I'll eat that as my treat during my two week liquid diet pre-op.

Keep us posted. I know I will follow you.


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Karen, that will be great your sister being there for you, I always wished I had a sister, but I got my Hubby! I am on my pre op now and again its not bad I have been such a snacker, girl I am worst than any kid, so I am missing that comfort of snacking and chewing on Bit o Honey and cookies and crap like that, so I have chosen to eat healthier for a better and healthier me, I eat now my protein shakes in the morning and I have Activia light peach yogurt, and Jell-O makes a living healthy fat free chocolate pudding, so I get it in just healthier, I don't over indulge in the pudding and yogurts and fruits I will eat my portion and I am satisfied, you mentioned pureeing tuna or chicken, you think you will like it? have you thought about baby food? I may do baby food vegetables and fruits post op, but pureed tuna...you a tough a lady if you get that down, let me no how it goes, so you know Im not being smarty pants, oh yeah gas x it's a must have and I think even Tums /wcalcium, I am so anxious and just ready to do this I look forward to my wl and smaller portion I know it will be rough post op but atleast will be getting good pain meds while inpt and from other post op there saying the pain gets better a few days out.

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Hey LadyA, I did buy the first stage baby foods, two chicken and two turkey. I got sweet potatoes too, they had the lowest sugar. I figured if they were not sweet enough I could sprinkle spenda on them.

As for the chicken and tuna it have several cans of each once flaked if its not small enough I will purée it with a splash of broth or drop of light mayo and I do mean drop. Just enough to pull it together. I think I'll like it.

I have a killer sweet tooth. But I noticed I haven't been craving sweets since I cut out carbs. But the other night I wanted a treat. So I made my protein shake, I'm using the nectar product. I have the twisted cherry flavor. It reminds me of an Italian ice. I sipped the the rest of the night and felt good.

I found the Gas-X strips today I was so excited. So I have my hospital supplies and home supplies ready.

I have a feeling I may not need the pain meds, I say that because last year I had part of thyroid removed and didn't take anything. But you never know.

Well I'm off to make jello. Have a good night.

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