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How My Feelings About Food Have Changed



blogs/blog-0162039001362535726.jpgJust a few notes on some of the changes I've noticed in myself over the last 9 weeks post-op.


1. I eat when I'm hungry now, don't really look forward to the "full" feeling or have a "taste" for anything in particular anymore - lovin' it. I use to get these overwhelming cravings for a certain taste (especially Whataburgers), they're gone now.


2. I do enjoy what I eat and sometimes I still catch myself trying to eat just one more bite, but I know I'll be feeling sick if I do. It takes time to learn the new "full" signals.


3. I feel satisfied and I get a small thrill seeing how little I actually eat now. Although sometimes, I catch myself trying to finish that last bite - even though I'm full. I've learned to leave it on the plate.


4. Once my staple line swelling went down, I was able to increase my eating to about 4oz per meal, and did start feeling more "normal" after the 2nd week, but it wasn't until about week 6 that I was back at my old energy levels.


5. I can eat pretty much what I want and walk away without gorging myself. I have always been able to take or leave stuff like cakes and cookies. Rice, pasta and potatoes were (I almost wrote "are") my thing. But I can easily pass up most starches now. Although pasta triggers my hunger cravings and I have to stop myself from overeating and making myself sick.


6. My feelings or attitudes has changed incredibly about food. Don't really care about food anymore. I have no "flavors" I desire. So I eat my own concoction of shredded grilled chicken, re-fried beans, cheese and salsa almost every meal - for the past month.


7. There isn't anything that I "want" to eat anymore. I am so happy with my restriction and I don't miss anything, no food cravings, nothing I miss. And there is no food that I couldn't eat at the 3rd or 4th week. It may cause some stomach upset, but if I eat it slowly, I can eat it if I want. However, I do miss being able to chug 16oz of icy cold Crystal Light.


8. I can still eat spicy foods (curries, peppers, etc). I eat salsa almost daily and I found this sweet/spicy dip made with Greek yogurt that I like - very warm. I find it weird that the thing that bothers my stomach the most is healthy fibrous foods, like grape skins, bananas, apple peels, and pineapple.


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This was a one of the greatest descriptions of what you can expect to feel about food after surgery that I have read so far! Thank you for sharing this. I pray that my recovery is the same and I feel the same way you do about food after I have my surgery. It really give me hope for a more "normal" life after vsg.

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    • I hear ya. So I'm taking a sewing course soon on how to alter clothes. That way I can change all my post surgery clothes to the right size when needed. Also, I will get the right fit for me and not just the generic size. If you have a sewing machine, why not try taking them in yourself?
    • I'm also trying to cut back on buying clothes! My problem is the opposite of yours though... I started buying new clothes after my surgery because it was so fun to look good in everything. When I would find something I really liked, I bought multiples of it. Plus on line shopping is so easy. Click, click, and a present gets delivered to your door I've done better in January, but still found myself shopping. Just this week I had an inspiration though... when I see clothes I like, I am just taking a picture of them or of the outfit, and then replicating it with things I already own in my closet. This is fun also. I swear if I had all the money I've spent on clothes since my surgery I could have gone on an extended vacation in some exotic locale. Live and learn right? When we know better, we do better. Good luck to you on your resolution. Have you tried selling your extra items on Ebay?
    • I know you will get the chance to do everything you used to do because I am convinced of the same for me! 😉 (Thanks for commenting on my blog.)
    • I so hear you here. The weight yo-yo is what got me as well, and Im looking forward to the exact same thing, being a healthy (and normal) adult! I just hope after all these years that I still have the chance to do the things I loved to do when I was a teenager like volley and basketball.
    • I didnt know about this functionality either.
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