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From: FEBRUARY SLEEVERS 2013....how you doing after you've been Sleeved



Were do i start. Am I going to start. As many of you know I was sleeved on the 19th of Feb, the surgery went quite well, my Dr said my liver was lovely. The problems for me started after the surgery and boy did they start. They went to remove the intubation tube and then it started, vocal chords started to spasm, fluid started to fill my lungs, throat begin to swell, the it shut down, clamped closed. I WASN'T BREATHING!!!!!!they were able to reintubate me breathing begin again. I guessed they tried again to remove the tube later and again I WASN'T BREATHING!!!!!!!!! (long pause, this is very emotional for me) after 2 attempts ti reintubate me to help to breathe I was placed on a vetilator, I COULD NO LONGER BREATHE ON MY OWN!!!!!! For 3 days I was on the lifesaving machine and in the ICU for 3 days. on that morning I was able to be moved to med/surg and on the floor for 5 more days. My blood sugar stayed in the medium 60's nothing they did would keep it elevated for more than 10 minutes at a time, we had to do something. In addition my blood pressure stayed dangerously low, heart rate seemed to race just because it was 2 o clock. My throat was very very sure and felt as if something was stuck there. Which was very very possible due to all the trauma it endure ...BUT I WAS ALIVE, I WAS ALIVE!!!!!!!!! It seemed has though one problem gets fixed another erupted. Drinking anything even sucking on ice chips was a major task not because of the sleeve but because of my throat, yes you guessed it I WAS DEHYDRATED, SEVERELY DEHYDRATED!!!!!!!! so what do you do increase IV fluids, that seemed to pose another problem within itself.....THE FLUID WAS NOT LEAVING!!!!!!!!!They really wanted me to take in fluid on my own, not possible I told them, I felt like something was stuck in my throat, I was feeling full up to my nose ok, FULL UP TO MY NOSE!!!!!! All I did was watch trays come and go come and go. My urine output was disgustingly low, no where near what it should have been for all the fluids I was taking in. I forgot to mention I hadn't had a bowel movement since the day before surgery. So nothing is MOVING NOT GOING ANYWHERE. but guess what I WAS BREATHING AND I WAS ALIVE BREATHING WITHOUT ANYHELP!!!!!!!! Despite those problems I m still thankful to be alive. I could barely walk for various reason , being lightheaded and dizzy due to low sugar and blood pressure, pain my entire abdominal region, my vision was effected also it sucked it sucked to be me........BUT MY GOD I WAS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!! so what did I do I got up and walked when physical therapy came in. Could I walk on my own BUT OF COURSE NOT!!!!!!!!SHE CAME IN WITH A WALKER......OMG A WALKER.... But I kept pushing.......I WAS GOING TO SURVIVE AND SURVIVE VICTORIOUSLY. There was no way I was walking out of that hospital with a walker, a cane, or oxygen....I neglected to tell you my oxygen level keep dropping down in the eighties.........BUT PEOPLE PLEASE LISTEN TO ME I AM ALIVE TO TELL HOW I BECAME A MIRACLE!!!!! This got really long and I am sorry. SOLUTIONS: how do we control the sugar fluids with D5 to keep sugars stabilized ...yes working, Blood pressure....still stumped on this one, increase the fluids, ahhh but a problem it is not leaving.....it's not were it is supposed to be either because my blood pressure is still low. feeling full to my nose, ahh lets try a suppository, embarrassed because someone now has to place something in my bottom, nope and why you ask, I AM ALIVE AND I BREATHE ON MY OWN... but guess what it didnt work, so what do we do , lets try 2 suppositories then, okay guess what nothing i mean nothing, but I am walking a little further now, refused to use the walker, just me a nurse and the trusty IV pole. I notice something strange though as i increase my walking distance, nurses, hospital staff members whom all see to know me were happy to see me up and walking, and so happy for me and how they prayed for me. I was none as the nurse in the ICU that works in corrections...During my 5 days on the medsurg floor those miss days from my life slowly begin to get filled in. One nurse Natalie even told me she was complaining to me one day she knew i would understand because i was a nurse, i asked her what I said she said i shook my head in agreement and went back out....But to finish up before I put you all to sleep, things got better slowly, I had a moment one evening wasn't pleasant, there was lots of tears lots of crying from me my nursing caregivers...my emotional stability was on the verge of eternal decline. I was nausea extremely nauseated, once i started vomiting which amounted to almost nothing except fluids were coming from everywhere, the pain during this episode was incredible, i was embarrassed wishing i had never done the surgery, hating myself for putting myself through this torture But all that was endure during was my turn around, my breaking point so to speak, after 2 days and night sleeping in a chair because laying was to painful and uncomfortable, that wonderful nursing staff at St Joseph East Hospital cleaned me up, restarted my iv which gave up after 4 days of fluids meds and blood draws had to be redone, dressed me in a clean gown dabbed my head with cool towels, held my hands, hug me cried put me to bed and assured me all is going to be okay as i cried and sniffled they covered me up with a sheet and my afghan brought from home, told me they love me and try and get some rest.....(crying now),things begin to get better.........and eventually i came home this week and have been reflecting over the past fews days and the changes that are going to take place in my life. Surprising to some reflecting doesn't really include loosing weight, it's going to happen that's why I had the surgery, but because I had a life altering experience living as i did prior to 2/19 can not be the same and will not be, am i going to crazy and start wilding out HECK NO, to old for that.......but life now has become even more precious to me than before and I am going to treat it as such...........I went in for a sleeve and came out with a new lease on life....................................



Source: FEBRUARY SLEEVERS 2013....how you doing after you've been Sleeved


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Wow so sorry to hear those things happened to you and i'm so glad to see you have turned this experience into a positive one. My date is March 19th Please pray for me. ... thanks for sharing your experience.

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Wow your story had me in tears!! I am very sorry that happened to you! I am very happy you are now home and doing well! Do they know why it happened? I was sleeved in Mexico on 2/8 luckly I had NO problems. That was a very scary life changing experience but the weight loss will also be life changing! Good Luck keep us posted

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Updating.....I'm sick have been for about a week. Not really sure whats going on, still losing weight but I feel awful I was scheduled for an ultrasound on the 8th of April but they have moved it up to tomorrow, they are thinking my gallbladder, ulcer, or some other craziest, even dehydration. , I dizzy all the time, don't want anything to drink or eat, i just want to sleep if I could sleep, i average 2 or 3 hours a day, I look like a raccoon from lack of sleep, I feel like garbage...I just want to feel better, so between feeling sick for more than a week, Having Lupus and fibromyalgia is not helping. I just want to feel better, and continue on my journey. On a positive note it feels no nice to fit clothes that I haven worn in year, down a couple of sizes and feel good about that, ok I gotta hit the bed, before I pass out, because right now that is how I feel. If you know how to pray please pray for me................Thank you

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