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1 week post-op

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Well finally I have arrived at a date that I had to fight for. After one and a half years - I had my vertical sleeve surgery and am now 1 week post-op. At first, I took several months gathering my information so I could make my best informed decision. And then had to appeal my insurance company's original decision to deny coverage for me. Went through all the pre-op process and testing - and now I am on my way!!!!


I have 1 more week to go through for the liquid diet phase. I really do not mind it right now. I certainly am missing food. However, this surgery will give me the opportunity to break all my bad habits. In the process, I will be able to truly determine what all my triggers are and change all of my daily habits with food.


Looking forward to lots of blogging as I run through this next year---to my best life ever.

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Horray 4 u. Be sure to follow post op instructions. 6 weeks out and eating food. Very sm portions. To much or too fast feels like someone punched me in the chest from the pressure. Too fast, not chewed enough or too dense it is going to make you miserable until it comes up. Once up, comfort returns. If you are real unlucky, you will end up in ER. Slow, soft and healthy. You will have room and ease for high calorie easy foods (ice cream, chocolate, etc). Stay away or you will have spent all this time and energy for nothing. This is as much mental change as it is volume change. I luv ice cream. Not a lot, just a scoop will do me and frozen yogurt is fine too. It was an evening ritual. I have not had any! I get it out for my husband but do not touch. I like the scale needle sliding to the left instead of the right. Even just daring to get on a scale again in refreshing. I too had to go through a long time and many hoops for insurance, I have to make it worth all the time and effort. I want to be healthy most of all.

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Totally agree with Dalola's post. I'm only 8 days out and my habits

are turning a point. I am making dinner for family and I'm okay

with it. It gets much easier as time goes by, and it helped me to

have lots of classes and support groups before surgery.

Good luck

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