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Dear Hormones, I Want A Divorce. Sincerely, Lyra

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Okay.....this is going to be one of those rambling "off your chest" sort of posts. Emotional upchucking at its best (yeah, I know, I put it so delicately, don't I? I'm such a frail southern blossom of femininity.). Seriously, though, sometimes I feel as emotionally hormonal as an adolescent! It directly correlates to a big sudden drop of weight and the release of fat locked hormones into my bloodstream. I intellectually know this, but I hate _feeling_ like this. Combine this with how stupid I feel about how _frustrated_ I feel and I feel like a mess. I guess for all of those who don't speak "Lyra" I should probably explain this....


I've spoken before about how it takes awhile for the mind to catch up to the new body. People treat you differently and suddenly you're dealing with flirting, and come-ons and half the time I'm bloody oblivious to it all because nobody has looked twice at me in years! And no, I'm not complaining, because it's awesome, but I feel like I'm speaking the same language as everybody else, but with a different dialect so that things get lost in translation. It rather reminds me of when I went to England as a teenager and had a little misunderstanding involving biscuits vs. cookies. Basically I need the Rosetta Stone for social situations. I thought I had outgrown my lack of social acumen in my late teens, but apparently not so much. I've gotten myself into some really embarrassing situations because of my oh-so-charming inability to read the bright neon social signs.


Add the above together with the fact that I caught Ebola (translation: the flu) for three days and was a miserable wreck of a human and it's been a crazy week. Literally, if a ninja had suddenly broken into my home I would have gladly asked for a quick beheading. Ya'll, I highly highly HIGHLY recommend getting your flu shot this year because you don't want what I had! Granted the flu got me over my little 189ish lb stall (185 now! huzzah!) but it meant that I lost those four pounds in 3 days. Thus my poor body was inundated with hormones besides having to deal with Bubonic Plague.


Add on that I feel sad (for no reason, life is good!), frustrated, exhausted, and moody and I'm sure my coworkers are loving me right now. I loathe feeling so overly emotional and finding ways to channel it has been interesting. Running seems to be the best method I've found, along with working on my artwork. Strangely enough though I don't think my bosses would like it if I went for a couple mile run when I should be decorating cakes! *amused*.


I know that this too, shall pass and I'm aware enough to be able to reason out why I'm feeling this way and that that it's purely biological. If I follow the normal pattern I should be back to 'normal' within another few days as my body absorbs, processes, and resets...but man, is it aggravating while it's going on!


So my query to all you fine readers out there; Does this happen to you? How do you deal with it when/if it does? Any good stories that may bring a smile to my poor, wan face? *puppy dog eyes*. The flu is good for nobody's complexion, lol!

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I am sorry you haven't been feeling well but I have to laugh at the emotional issues you're having. My hormones are going CRAZY!!!! I am seven months out and every month before my period, I become a raging hormonal crazy lady that can't control anything I say or do. Last nigth my husband and i were in an arguament...and I was actually happy to be fighting!!!! That's not like me. Anyway, I went for the jugular with him....hit him right were I knew it would hurt the most. Once I did it, i felt horrible. That' s not me at all. So, I am not sure why, but after my surgery, my PMS har become supercharged. I can eat anything in site (and today I have)....only went over my goal (calorie wise but ly like 300....but still...that's a lot). I have never had hormal issues before so i am not sure why I have them now. Monday morning, I am makeng a an pat with a girl doc to see if something is wrong. I am thinking my hormaone levels are off wack. I am tellng you this so that yo can see you're not the only one. I would call your doc and have them do some blood work. The only good thing for me is that my husband hasn't killed me yet.....I am sure he's wanted to, but apparently my life insurance isn'tnt that good. LOL So, best of luck to you...pray I don't kill my husband and hopefully we can both get through this together. LOL

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oh boy-You ladies are not the only ones! I am buzzing out in hormone land too. The surgery and menopause are NOT a great combination! :-) I become a crazy hormonal b-word at the drop of a hat, or word, or look, or having to get out of bed, or..... and then it is ON from there. My husband's advice? Just make sure you are worth more alive than dead and all will be well. My advice..find a good naturepath. They can help wonderfully where hormones are concerned. And above all, HANG IN THERE! You are not alone and I do believe that this, too, will pass :-)

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Oh god I thought I was the only one out there with the same raging hormones before my period... I totally want to rip someones head off or want to cry more than I ever have before and my hunny well lucky him the sex is more than it ever has been..lol... Hang in there... you really aren't alone..

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