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7 Day Update



I have never blogged before but I thought I would try this to help me stay on track and stay motivated. Like most of us on this site, I have struggled with weight for a long time. I was really proud of myself because I lost over 60 pounds on my own over a 5 year period but I got to a place where I could not get below 232 pounds. I finally decided to make a huge decision that will affect me the rest of my life and I feel so blessed that I finally made that decision. I spent the last 3 months going through my pre-program and I am so happy that they make you do that because to be honest, I probably would not have done that on my own. I learned a lot. I joined the Centennial Medical Center-Nashville program in June 2012. It is such an outstanding program giving you support, assistance, education and in the most organized fashion. Dr. Doug Olsen is my surgeon. By far he does not accept any excuses. He shows his support but you always knows where he stands - he wants you to succeed.


I finally had my surgery on 11/26/12 and today I am 7 days out. I am so proud of myself. I have followed everything 100%. I learn new things every day. I am nervous that I may be missing something but I am staying so focused, My post op pain has been very well controlled. I have had no pain medication since last Friday. Remarkable! I went to church with my daughter yesterday and enjoyed the time so much. Today I drove for the first time and had no problems. My main concern is making sure that I am getting all of my protein. Everyday it gets easier and I really do not mind it at all. I really like Unjury better than the Nectar product.


For 7 days out I am so pumped. I have lost 14 pounds thus far. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I move forward on this jourey.

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It is so nice to read update. Congrats. Keep up the good work. you are an inspiration to me.

Here is To your continued Success !

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