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Life After Leak: Does It Get Better?

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Hello fellow sleevers.


So I am now officially six weeks out from the test that confirmed the leak had healed. In reality, we think that perhaps it had healed a fortnight earlier (they'd done a dye test and it didn't come out of the drains so it was probably healed then). So it's possible it is 8 weeks out since I was healed. It's been a rough ride. I really struggled when i first had to eat and drink for myself.


I am pleased to say it's gotten easier. I am slowly learning what is better for me to have these days and what I feel better eating. For example, bread, pasta, sugar - the belly no longer loves :) It makes me feel sick and sluggish. I do much better when I avoid these things. Don't get me wrong, I still have carbs. I have between 1/4 and 1/2 a cup of cereal with dried fruit for breakfast and I lurve crackers with cheese and tomato. Mostly I do better when I can get my protein in. This is mainly lean mince and fish. Cheese, yoghurt and a half cup of milk per day is the other sources of protein. A friend of mine (who was sleeved two years ago) said to me just after I got home to focus on PROTEIN. Ever second word she said that was advice contained "PROTEIN" in the sentence. And she was right. Friends, if I was arrogant enough to offer advice to those getting sleeved it would be to focus on PROTEIN in the first couple of months. It's hard but totally worth it.


I am still loosing weight...I have lost (depending on the scales) between 38 and 41 kg. One set of scales even had me down an extra 10 kg but decided that they were stuffed lol. But it was AWESOME seeing the numbers around 115kg. I don't think I have been that weight since the millenium hahahahahahaha.


I always take the worst score for my weight because then if it's less then I will be surprised, so it's possible I am a little lighter than I am presenting here :)


My hair is still falling out. I am not bald or anything but I hate how much I am loosing. I hope this settles down as my nutrition improves. The best thing has been going to the hair dresser (who's a mate) and she puts in a conditioning treatment for me. I am getting this done weekly at the moment to improve my hair's condition which was terrible following all of my surgeries and it seems to be getting a little better. I am also having my first facial and pedicure tomorrow since the surgery. It should be lovely.


So does life get better after a leak? Yep. But it is a SLOW and LONG road back. It has been three months since my first surgery and OMG I am not even close to being back to where I was in terms of energy or fitness. But I am getting a little closer all of the time.


I still worry about the leak coming back but I am trying to let this go. Worrying about it won't make it any more or less likely. And honestly it is holding up my recovery to keep worrying about it.


I hope this blog finds you all well :) Talk soon! Lila

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i understand, i've been through hell, imagine a 15 years old boy with a leak, that is just isn't right but thank god i healed i can never forget having a leak.

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i understand, i've been through hell, imagine a 15 years old boy with a leak, that is just isn't right but thank god i healed i can never forget having a leak.

Wow I can't imagine going through this as a teen. And then having complications on top of it. I hope you are well now and enjoying your new life with the sleeve!

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