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Small Set Back

Sunny Cobb


OK, so I had a little bit of a set back today. After reading through other Sleevers blogs, and entries, I started noticing that I wasn't the only one who had a plan and a goal of when I had hoped to have surgery completed by. As I was reading, I saw a trend of people who had thought they were on the right track, only to be told they were going to have to wait longer. I'm one of them!


I have been doing the 6 months weight loss / program with Hills. Not the My True Body that held weekly classes, but I've had monthly weigh in's with my PCP, met still with a nutritionist, and completed the psych eval. What I wish, is that someone could have told me earlier to start getting my psych eval completed back in month 4 or 5 so not to wait any longer. The PE was completed on 11/12, but wasn't submitted to my PCP until yesterday, 11/26. Um, hello, what's the hold up?! I understand that there was a holiday in there, but really, two full weeks to make sure I'm of sound mind? That was frustration number 1! So yesterday, I speak with the PCP office, and they inform me that everything had been submitted, so I call the Insurance Coordinator to follow up with her, and don't hear back...so I call again today and she still hasn't received it. So back to the PCP doctor I go, and ask her to please follow up with the Coordinator, I'm dying to make this happen. Frustration #2: I hate not being in control. I'm always the one who does everything, for everyone, myself included. So not being able to receive the documents, and submit myself has been a bit frustrating.


I then call the surgeons office, speak to their coordinator to inform her of what is going on, and keeping her in the loop as we had a plan that I "should" be able to have everything completed by the end of the year...notice the quotes around "should", yea, Frustration #3! The coordinator informs me that she is now booking into the 2nd week of January! Now I know I didn't get unhealthy over night, and I know that I need to be patient, but the kicker in all this is that I'm getting married in 6 months, and I was hoping that I would have those 6 months to get used to my new body, new habits, new way of life, you know, the whole "NEW ME!" I'm afraid that the longer I have to wait, and the closer I get to my wedding, I'm going to turn into more of a basket case. Am I crazy to have WLS so close to my wedding, or am I just over thinking it? My job is planning weddings for other couples, so naturally, now that it's my turn, I'm close to having everything completed. However, I've been putting a lot of time and effort into researching the sleeve procedure, and getting myself ready and I had planned to start finalizing wedding details in January, you know, one big thing at a time...so tell me this, am I crazy??


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I expected to have my surgery this week. That was the plan. Did everything on schedule. Stayed on the diet. Did everything I was told. Surprise the insurance rejected because of the Psych eval. Said his recommendation wasn't definitive enough. My response? I still want this. My surgeon put in an appeal. I stayed on the diet and continued to lose more weight. I continued going to the life skills class. Just carried on as though everything was going to happen. Yesterday the surgeon called and the approval came. So I'm getting the surgery a few weeks later than initially planned, but I AM getting it. The bonus is that I weigh even less going into it so there's less to lose after. This will happen for you, too. Maybe not on your initial schedule, but in the end you'll find a reason for it turning out the way it did and you will still be a happy, much thinner bride. Just stay on track and continue to lose weight until things get processed.

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Yes, it sucks to think things are a go and then find out, someone else messed up. Keep going, in the long run, the extra days/weeks won't matter. Right now, you have a lot on your plate so sure it is a tough spot. Don't let up on everyone and make sure they send, document, etc. everything so that you don't find this happening again.

Best wishes to you.

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