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3 Week Countdown



My husband just up and asked, "so how many days till surgery?". It made me kinda freak out, 21 days, 3 weeks, less than 1 month! My head is swimming with all the details to take care of before the day arrives, I'm trying to plan for the worst and hoping for the best. If I end up really, really sick post-op I have to have a plan in place. I pay all the bills-my husband doesn't have a clue... I do all the shopping... I babysit for my grandkids... I only have 11 weeks of paid time off at work...did I save enough money for the surgery bills?...what if I can't focus enough to do my homework?....what if I'm too fatigued to get to class?....GOOD GRIEF!

So I grabbed my hubby's hand and said we are going for a walk!! So we went to the State Park and walked and talked, and walked some more.

I feel better now, more at peace.

Praying for the grace to make it through, and the strength to recover quickly!


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