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Day 5 Of The 21 Day Challenge



Another semi ok day. I did not like a couple of things I had to eat and I am not looking forward to eating the other half of them again. I lost track of my weight and what I lost on what days, so I am just going to start with giving the total weight I am down from here on out. As I'm typing this I'm 15 min from a snack and my mouth is watering lol (it's a good one today).


Breakfast - Cran Apple Oats :wub:

This was super yummy and a nice change from eating eggs. Adding walnuts to oatmeal is one of my favorite things to do. I usually add in cranberries, but never with apple. I thought they all worked well together. I am looking forward to eating this again. It has 190 cal, 6g fat, 31.5 carbs, and 6.5g protein. I know the carbs seem high, but I don't eat oatmeal often so I'm not worried.


Snack 1 - Fit Cookie :wub:

Another cookie. I still love these!


Lunch - Turkey Meatloaf :(

Yuck and double Yuck. This was not good. The turkey was powerfully flavored, but not in a good way and the mashed sweet potatoes had too much cinnamon in them. I do not want to eat this again that's for sure, but I have to tomorrow. It has 125 cal, 4g fat, 15.5 carbs, and 7.5g protein.


Snack 2 - Healthy Hummus Bowl :wacko:

Well I've never really tried hummus before and I now know that I do not like it. All in all it wasn't bad, I had veggies to eat on, but they should make it peanut butter instead of hummus. It has 180 cal, 7g fat, 6 carbs, and 12g protein.


Dinner - Ninja Tenderloin :wub:

So yummy. The steak was tender and well seasoned and melt in your mouth good. I really liked this one. It had 190 cal, 7g fat, 5 carbs, and 26g protein.


I did add in a protein shake because we were up really late. Please remember that I eat half of a small meal for my main meals and a regular snack (they are usually pretty small and I can't split them).


Daily Totals:


Calories - 955

Fat - 31

Carbs - 79

Protein - 86g

Water - 80oz

Weight Lost to Date - 9.4 lbs


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