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Day 4 Of My 21 Day Challenge



Day 4 wasn't a bad day. I got to try a couple of new snacks, but the meals I've had before. I don't find myself craving anything and my nails are actually growing faster. I guess I'm getting more out of my food than what daily vitamin doses provide. I don't have much to say about day 4, but will have tons to say about day 5. I didn't feel crummy after having a meal out either, but I didn't lose as much.


Breakfast - Breakfast Tacos. :wub:

Still yummy as ever!


Snack 1 - Trailmix. :wub:

Loved this, but not sure of the NUT values. I know they are nuts and high in fat and all that but still. For a small it had 210 Cal, 12g Fat, 24 Carbs, 5g Protein.


Lunch - Turkey Pasta :wacko:

I have determined that I do not like this at all. It's just too spiced (not hot, just too many). I will be having it removed from the rest of my challenge.


Snack 2 - Oatmega Mocha Bar :wub:

This was so freaking good. I'm glad they only give you one at a time or I'd try and live off of them. Puts all other bars to shame. It has 190 Cal, 6g Fat, 23 Carbs, and 14g Protein.


Dinner - Chicken and Veggies :wub:

Still loved this. The pesto is what makes it yummy!


I did have a protein shake after dinner because I realize that I need that extra protein boost no matter what.



Daily totals:


Calories - 975

Fat - 39.5g

Carbs - 83

Protein - 75.5g

Water - 80 oz

Weight - 0.6 lbs


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