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Surviving A Concert



As I'm getting ready to head out to a concert tonight I was going through my checklist of items to take with me and thought it might be helpful to share the tricks I've learned for surviving a concert. Let's be honest, no matter how far from surgery you are, concert food is not good for you. I have no desire for beer, sticky frozen drinks, nachos, or anything else they can come up with. I'm talking the typical venue, not the nice House of Blues style with an attached restaurant. I'm heading to an outdoor concert and will be there for a good 4 hours. That means I'll need to eat at some point. You can't bring in outside food or drink, which is fine because they say nothing about powder. :D


I generally take two baggies of protein powder (always have a backup). I carry a purse so it is easy for me to carry them. I will buy water and make my shakes while I'm there. I also take those water flavor packet things so that I can have something a little more refreshing if I get tempted to go get a soda.


If you are lucky enough to go to a venue that will let you bring a cooler, you are golden and can put all kinds of goodies in there. Some venues will also let you bring in food if you have a card from your doctor (I've never seen said card, but I am told they exist and can be used to get smaller meals at restaurants).


It isn't much of a tip, but not something people will typically think about. I learned when I went to my first concert post-op and was miserable. I was still on mushy food at that time.


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I LOVE concerts and found your tips really helpful. Do you also talk protein bars with you? My nutritionist advised me to always keep one or two with me, (when I am post op and able to eat...I am still pre op). Best of luck to you sweetie and enjoy the music and how good you look and feel going to these events. We always have to look at the bright side to get us through...and pray as well! LOL

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The concert was amazing. I went to see Jason Mraz and it was one of the best shows I have been too.

As for the protein bars, if I am going to be at an inside venue, yes, I will take one. This concert was outdoors and in the Texas heat a bar does not survive for long.

BTW going to a concert and being able to buy a tshirt without having to worry about if it will really fit is awesome.

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