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Little R & R



A little more of things I never posted on. I know I know I should just start fresh and forget it, but these are some of the best times of my life.


On a side note, the first time I was able to fit into a booth at a restaurant.....AMAZING!!!!


First Vacation!:

My husband and I were married in 2004 and never took a honeymoon, nor have we ever gone on a vacation together (other than visiting family and in my book that so does not count). So in March of 2011 he took me to one of my dream destinations...HAWAII. For the first time in I can't remember how long I wasn't horrified to get on a plane. I was able to buckle the seat belt and not need that extender thing. I was freaked about flying over water but that's normal.


We stayed on the north shore of Oahu at the Turtle Bay Resort and it was amazing. I went snorkeling, kayaking in the ocean, walked around in shorts and my swimsuit, and didn't feel self conscious. We've already planned to go back for our 10th anniversary and I can't wait.


If you ever find yourself there, you have to visit the Kahuku Grill on the NE side of the island by the sugar mill. The chocolate chip macadamia nut coconut banana bread is amazing. So are the fresh fruit stands.


I want to move there. :wub:


Second trip in a year (setting a record, lol)

My husband turned 30 in October 2011 and for his birthday I purchased tickets to see the Steelers (fav team) vs the Ravens in Pittsburgh in November. Sadly it was a short trip and I wish we could have stayed longer. We stayed at the Priory hotel which was in walking distance of the field. We walked all over the place and I actually lost 6 lbs that week. Amazing considering the food I ate lol. I loved being able to not feel stuffed into the stadium seat. We plan to go back and visit for longer and catch another game this season. Even though they are coming to Dallas....I want to go to Pittsburgh. I love the history of the town. This is second on our places to live.... :P


2012 has not had any trips in it. We were supposed to go visit family in Tahoe, but due to my sister-in-law's illness we cancelled that trip. Instead we made a mini road trip to St. Louis and picked up my four nieces. My brother, who hasn't seen me in over two years, didn't recognize me.


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