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Positive Ramblings



Finally getting over my regrets and frustration. I still have some moments of was this the right decision, but those are few and far between now. I'm pretty sure that I won't even think that way in another month or so at all.


Mostly, I'm extatic that I've lost nearly 50 pounds already (I'm 6 weeks out from surgery, and that weight loss includes 12 pounds pre-op). In 6 more pounds I'm to my half way mark! I saw the first picture of me taken post op just last week, and I was just floored. And then I saw 2 headshots, and didn't cringe! It was the coolest feeling to not be embarassed by a picture of me. All the clothes in my closet fit me now, and some of them are getting really baggy. Though, I seem to be losing everywhere but my waist. My jeans that didn't fit before, fit me now in the waist, and are crazy baggy everywhere else.


I really want to reach my goal of 113 pounds lost by the end of the year. Now that I'm able to start moving without any pain and am past on the ridiculous llttle hurdles my journey has thrown at me so far, I feel like I can finally start concentrating on using this tool the way its meant to be used. Slowly I'm intorducing solid foods back into my life, and being ridiculously stubborn about what I put in my mouth. I'm being so stubborn that I've only slightly strayed away from the mushies and soft foods I was eating just last week. I really want an oppurtunity to talk to my nutritionist so her and I can iron out whats ok and whats not. How fast to try certain foods, and such. I'm really good at nutrional things, but, since I'm skiddish yet to try raw veggies for carb replacements, I'm kinda lost. I also really need to go shopping, but am waiting for payday (sigh). I will say that the ability to eat meat however, has made getting my protein in WAY eaiser.


Today's menu:

Oatmeal with 2 tbsp of PB2 mixed in

2 meat/cheese roll ups (rotisserie chicken sliced thin & rolled with some low fat munster)

Pimento Cheese & 3 whole wheat crackers (I really am not pleased with the crackers, but they're not too bad and won't stick around as a perment staple after I can get into raw veggies again)

Dinner is yet to be decided, but probably a scrambled egg concotion (I have lots of scrambled egg recipes).



I try to stay in the permeters my doctor laid out for me, minimum 60 grams protein, 800-1000 calories a day, and low carb/low fat. Low carb is not Atkins diet low carb for me. I eat right now roughly every 3 hours or so something little. I eat small and slow, and if I feel full I stop and wait a few minutes to see how I really feel before I continue eating. I track EVERYTHING with my fitness pal on my phone.


I'm just now starting to exercise again, and it feel so great to move again! I hoop dance and just love how much easier it is feeling to move and dance in my hoop. I am going to start working on adding a morning yoga routine into my schedule, and then move forward from there with other physical activities. For now, I think I like working out at home and there are so many things you can do at home. I am however, craving a swimming pool ... that might drive me in the next couple of months to look for a gym.


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