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Early Wls Journey Flashback



So for a quick catch up on things from previous forum entries, I have my first post about me, my return home, the drain removal, and a quick update. This is all the stuff I posted about at the time and didn't remember until I read them again. Comments made on those post from today are in purple.


From Sept 16, 2010: Starting to Freak Out


My name is Desiree and I set my surgery date for October 4th yesterday. I've been on a journey of working to lose weight for a couple of years now. It all began a few years ago when I destroyed the cartridge in my knee and had to have surgery that put me on crutches for 6 weeks and I couldn't put any kind of weight on my leg. :blink: I decided to seriously work to lose weight then and was at my heaviest which was 342. I recovered from surgery and starting working with a personal trainer and following a strict diet. I lost several inches in 3 months, but not enough to count on the scale. While working with my trainer I once again tore up the same knee, only a different injury. This time it the cartilage on my femur and had a hole 1-2 inches in diameter torn into it. This equaled another surgery and this time 8 weeks on crutches with no weight allowed. cursing.gif

I had considered the bypass and band off and on for several years but was always uncomfortable with rerouting nature's plumbing and having something plastic that required upkeep in my body. That all changed after learning about my stupid knee injury. While waiting for my 2nd knee surgery I went to a seminar for surgery. I found out all the requirements for my insurance company and started working on them. I found success with a non surgical doctor in the same office and put off the surgery part. Due to recovery time I had a stall in my dr visits and had to start over three months later. I had gained back most of my weight while recovering but over the next several months of starting back up I had dropped 30 lbs. I was happy and all was going well until the pain in my knee came back and I couldn't work out. I was told I have stress fractures in my knee caused by my weight and the thinner cartridge in my knee.crying.gif The doctor said I need to lose weight more quickly so he recommended surgery. I consulted with my weight loss doctor and next thing I know I'm waiting on insurance approval. It was fairly easy because I'd already had the dietician visits and the psych evaluation.

My surgery date is less than three weeks away and on Monday I start a two week diet of no fat, low fat, no meat. I'm starting to freak out and trying to find answers to all of these questions that are suddenly popping in my head and I do not like what I have found online so far. Then I found this site. I'm looking forward to sharing my journey with everyone and putting to rest some of my fears. svengo.gif I was scared for nothing!


From October 6, 2010: Just Got Home

Just got home today from my surgery. I was sleeved on Monday and other than the 4 hour delay it went great. I went in so hungry and still have yet to get hungry. The gas pains have not been bad but the soreness is bad. How long should I expect to be sore? Did anyone else pull their pain ball thing out at home? Did it hurt? And one last question, did anyone else have problems eating cold stuff like the popsicles? FYI Cold stuff doesn't bother me as much now but something warm makes me check to see if I spilled it on myself every single time.


My original Drain Removal post was like everyone else's, me asking if it was going to hurt because I was freaked out by it.

From October 14, 2010: Reply to my original post after having the drain removed.

It didn't hurt at all. It felt like a suction cup being removed by my stomach and a little weird feeling when it made its way out but no pain!! Other than that the visit was fast and easy and he was pleased with how I am doing. Thank you again for all the help wink.gif


From February 22, 2011: Long Overdue Update

This is long over due, but I think it's about time. I'm now almost 5 months post op and I've lost 62 lbs. I think I've hit my first plateau but I think that's because of the working out. I've been doing great and still amazing myself with foods I now like. I'm down 5 sizes which is such a great feeling, I can wear my prom dresses from high school again. I am struggling with hair loss, and I always get in my protein and take my vitamins, but I was told it's expected. My husband and I are planning our first vacation ever and after 6 years I think it's time. Little nervous about wearing a swim suit on the beach and flying on a plane, I've avoided that from fear of not fitting in the seat. I'll get some pictures and measurements posted soon. This was my last update and I never posted my measurements lol.


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I'm in a posting frenzy lol. I have 20 months worth of updates lol. Don't worry I'll just do one for how I am now. Then it will be all new going forward. Thank you for taking time to read it :)

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