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Scaling Back

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Ok so today I made my Husband take the scale out of the bathroom and hide it from me....I was driving myself completely crazy...I would get on the dang thing everytime I walked by it...I mean I'm not sure what I was expecting to see everytime I got on it...I mean it's not like I was gonna drop 10 pounds every 10 minutes lol but apparently that's what I was looking for...But it's gone now and I only want to see it maybe once every 2 weeks....hopefully this will lighten the stress and craziness in my head!!!

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It will, I had to do the same finally grew tired of the scale dictating my mood for the day. I read one blog where someone asked her husband to hide it from her and bring it out once a week. Now that's a good idea.

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I have been there myself also. While I was on the pre-diet, I found myself constantly weighing myself! I had my husband hide mine, but appearantly he didn't get the concept of hiding it because he just slid it under our bed! LOL I am 3 days post-op and should be going home today! I hope that I have lost a little more - but have to remember not to live on the scale.

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I am exactly 3 weeks post-opt today and my weight moved the first week and hasn't moved since..well it moved up 4 pounds and then back down those 4 pounds but that was it...and the scale has really made me depressed and doubting why I got the surgery in the first place...but I know it takes time and tourturing myself everyday just isn't gonna help me any

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