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A Bit Tired Day 4



I'm a little bit tired today, doing all the right stuff- drinking as much as possible and am trying to drink 1 isopure clear a day diluted with water. I seem to have no problem drinking slowly. I didn't manage all of an isopure yesterday, but did the day before. It is what it is! I'm keeping hydrated. Today I am feeling good but a little tired and strangely emotional, I think I need to catch up on some sleep and so will take it easy today. One of my incisions is weeping a little, the smallest one. It is not angry or red, I cleaned it with a dettol solution & put another waterproof dressing on so perhaps this is normal as it doesn't hurt. I won't worry about it unless it gets swollen, red or painful. I'm quite PLEASANTLY surprised BY how low-key and uneventful my recovery is- which is great! Long may it last!!!


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It's normal to be tired and emotional. Make sure you take it easy and listen to your body. I slept a lot the first week. The bariatric nurse also told me that it is not unusual to feel overly emotional either. If it persists or becomes difficult to deal with, call your doctor. They may prescribe some happy pills to help you through it. I too was surprised at how easy recovery was once I was out of the hospital. At my 10 day post op visit I told my doctor that he was a miracle worker because, other than the changes in eating, I would never know I had just undergone a major surgery! It keeps getting better. Make sure you rest today and I hope your recovery continues to go smoothly!

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Day 4 and 5 I cried most of the day. So many thoughts in my head of what did I do, where am I heading now and dang Im tired. :) Lasted about 3 days and seems to get better every day. I tried to get out and go somewhere or get sunshine when it got really bad. Someone on here suggested I rent a funny movie and open windows for sunshine and it did help and it will pass. I honestly didn't think it would. i'm 11 days out and if I sit too long, it creeps up on me still. So, I try to stay busy and active.

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I'm not regretting anything funnily enough but I think I have a bit of cabin fever! I'm so glad others have experienced this, was starting to feel like a bit of a weeping wailer!

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