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No More Neglecting The Blog! Still On Pre-Op Diet

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Okay so....I am still on this pre-op diet that consists of a cup of spinach a day for solids. I loved spinach 7 days ago but since it's the only thing I get to chew and have been chewing on it every day for a week...not so much anymore.


I always try to use a positive when I use a negative so I am happy to report that it is paying off. I am losimg weight steadily as I make every effort to shrink my liver for surgery.


I feel like I am always "Changing lanes" when it comes to the actual day of surgery. I get excited and giddy and then scared and wonder if I am making the right decision. I'm pretty sure my lack of confidence in my decision is due to my fear of being put to sleep.

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Same here the only thing I know to do is focus on something else and deal with the nervousness with prayer

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I am about to be there with you although not sure about the spinach thing! I can only imagine that you will never touch the stuff after surgery ever again! LOL But in all you are doing awesome, don't be afraid! There's nothing to be afraid of. You'll wake up after the surgery and be healthy and fine :)

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I love the name "Changing Lanes:" very clever! I agree with the spinach thing. Its funny how some docs let you eat and others don't. I'm only allowed liquids that my family refers to as The Juice. My doc also let us know that it was to shrink the liver and not because he is being punitive. Cracked me up. Keep it up. You are awesome!

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@ ChristyLove-My 14 year old niece told me something yesterday that she heard on Oprah and I knew I would be able to pass along since I loved it so much! The rapper 50 cent said "Don't for something and then worry about it". I LOVE it!!!

@Discordya-Regarding the spinach...I do not have any plans to eat much of it again! hahah I have read your blog and so excited everything is working out for you!!!

@Awesome-Thank you!!! I couldn't think of anything clever and didn't want to use what a lot of other people are using and the this popped into my head! I am definitely changing lanes!!! I thought about the spinach and the liver shrinking but I reckon since it has so much fiber and not carbs it ok. If he would have told me to stand on my head in the corner I would have! Good luck and be good with the juice!! hee hee

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