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Different Than Before

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This blog has saved my life this morning.


The sleeve is seriously messing with my head.I thought I was in a looooong stall.In the mean time I have only not lost for 5 days.


The pattern with wich I lose is so different from before.I usually drop a few 100 grams every day,or most days.


Since being sleeved the weight will stand completely still for a week,sometimes a little more and then I drop about 4 pounds.But I mean completely still....not down even 100g.


Somehow my head is seriously done in by this.I just dont get use to this.My obsession with the scale is somehow more in control.It is not a matter of jumping on the scale every time I walk past it anymore.But I still get very anxious if I dont weigh every day.Cannot figure what to eat as I doubt myself so much,even when I track the food on fitday.Keep thinking maybe I had more,maybe Im not real about it...even when I weigh the food.Somehow when Im not losing I feel like I am doing something wrong even though I know Im not.


I suppose my fear that I will fail is still huge as I still feel I failed with the band as I did lose the weight but regained it.I am so resistant to believe that this will work as my big yap coudnt keep shut about the surgery and everybody knows.Maybe that is also why I havent climbed on the intense exercise band wagon yet.


Anyhoo,upwards and onwards christian soldiers....lol

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i had the band and am going to the sleeve on 6/5 you didnt fail your band did! i learned that. you will get there you are in my prayers

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Sweetheart, you are completely being too hard on yourself. you will get the stalls from time to time but you will lose the weight. you are not a failure. I remember someone told me that this journey is like a huge stairwell. on your way to the top, (weightloss) your body has to rest in between. your body is tryin to adjust to your new lifestyle. you said that it will stall, then you will get a 4lb lost. your body has rested and then was able to decrease weigh because it recouped. just let it happen, it will. dont weigh yourself daily, only once a week. i was like that when i first came home, im now almost 9 weeks post op and i weigh in every week. make sure you do your walking. it will come off. dont worry about what you have told ppl. you are the only one to be impressed about your decision. keep the faith

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