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Send Me An Angel, Mine Is Setting Free!

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So I'm feeling overwhelmed. And I feel like my last two blogs this week have a whiney tone to them, my apologies. Considering I spoke with the dr's wife who does the nutritionist counseling for him and explained to her that my tummy contorts whenever I eat anything pureed at first and if I drink 1/4 of an oz of liquid, it helps... she told me I might have a stricture. You know just whenever pneumonia and a leak and abscess weren't enough ... now I worry I have a stricture. Let's hope that's not the case because if it is, IDK how I'm going to ever regain my confidence back. Oh lawd, here's that baby again.


Ok big girl panties, I wanted to post something more solid, more positive. So I have a book that I'm going to post something from. The book is called "Small Bites: Daily Inspirations for WLS Patients" and it's by Katie Jay and Julia Persing. I borrowed it from the bariatric nurse edjucator from the hospital.


Set your angel free


When you decided to have WLS, were you longing to set free something inside you? Obesity had hidden your true self from view. You longed to reveal the inner you. So, each day WLS has chipped away at your exterior.


Michaelangelo said "I saw the angel in the stone and carved until I set him free." Yet at the end of his first day, the rock still looked like...... a rock. Only slowly did it become the beautiful creation that was locked within. As you lose weight, you will change many times, you will wake up mornings and not recognize the thinner face that has replaced the rounded one. In time, with consistency, effort, and a firm vision, you will release your angel within.


Set aside a few quiet moments and visualize the inner you - your inner angel. In your mind, embrace that vision, talk to it, and plan together how your inner angel can help you remain steadfast.

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I hope you start to feel better soon. I'm sorry you are having to deal with some frustrations. Keep looking ahead and enjoy the moment as best possible. It's ok to have moments of being overwhelmed. Don't be too hard on yourself, take it step by step. Thanks for sharing the excerpt from the book, it is inspiring!

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Oh, that's beautiful. I needed that, because I am still a rock...

I woke up yesterday, two weeks out of surgery, had no complications, and it feels like I have a hernia in one of my incisions, the biggest one, of course. So I need to head back to the doctor and check to see...

I hope you don't have a stricture. Did you have hiatal hernia repair? The last time I got put to sleep, which was for a hysterectomy, whoever intubated me during surgery, my esophagus got injured and it took a while to recuperate from that. It felt like everything I ate got stuck right between my breasts, and at one point, it felt like I had swallowed a golf ball. So possibly something like that happened, and then your stomach being cut out probably exacerbates it. I mean, there can be major complications with this surgery...I am glad everything has worked out so far. Did you have leak symptoms? I read somewhere a person who had no leak symptoms, so that was pretty scary to me.

I am praying for you and hope everything works out and that you have no stricture.

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You're not being a baby. That is a LOT for one person to go through. Not sure I would have anything positive to say or post if I were in your shoes.

Wishing you all the best and thanks for posting the angel story.

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Yes I had pneumonia after my first surgery, then a leak and an abscess. I think maybe I'm just eating too fast (so I am trying to convince myself today lol, I don't wanna stricture... and that scares me in honesty). Thank you guys for your support. I truly appreciate it... hugs

(oh and no hernia but whenever i eat sometimes it doesn't feel like it 'passes' through and about b/w my breasts i feel it stuck, like in my chest..... and i drink just a little and it's fine, passes through; praying no strictures, ty all for your support)

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I am sorry you are feeling bad. On your bad day you are helping so many others. I needed to hear that today. I am losing weight, I am happy for that but I also still see the fat , the more lines in my face as I am getting older, and the awkwardness of the attention. Not bad attention or just people saying hey , wow you are losing and all of that. Just never had it and am not real good at compliments. It is all just awkward. I know it is a process.

I love you blogs, I might not respond but do not think for a moment that you don't make a difference. All your moods, and what you say is relevent and helpful.

God Bless and I will be praying for you.


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