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Psych Eval--Sike!



Maybe some can relate and maybe some wont but I feel like this forum has really helped me to be comfortable with my decision and open about my emotions and my life.


This body represents my pain!


Every excess pound represents something. All of the ups and downs of my life, bad decisions, dreams on hold...




I had my psych eval today! I dont know what I was expecting...I guess more questions, but there were hardly any--maybe because I talk too much!


Yesterday I had it out with my sister...full on brawl.

My husband came into our place and instead of supporting me and hearing me...he added to my anger!

I havent been very friendly lately...


Im just tired of putting everyone elses happiness before mine.


I thought that the events of my life these past few weeks would have really been dug through during this psych eval and I would be angry that because of allowing other people to control my emotions that I would have been found unfit for surgery or something...I mean everyone has issues right!?


Regardless of how Im feeling about my relationships with other people I have really made this decision for me. Maybe because I am so focused on myself right now people who normally get all my attention and expect me to fix everything in their life now are angry with me because frankly i dont have time for it. TOUGH!!


I cant help anyone anymore until I HELP MYSELF. I cant fix your life and help you be happy when this SMILE IS FAKE.


A few tears fell when asked what was my last straw that I finally decided to move forward. I AM MY LAST STRAW. THE REALIZATION that I MATTER, and that IM IMPORTANT and that I NEED TO COME FIRST...the person staring back at me in the mirror is not the person I see when I look at pictures. That woman in the mirror is beautiful, confident, strong, looks amazing...etc etc. The person in the pictures is all of that but doesnt look as amazing as she thought when she put on that outfit she thought hid some imperfections.


This body...does not live up to my view of ME...and Im tired of it holding me in like a prisoner.


End result of Psych eval--IM READY FOR SURGERY...Im realistic about my expectations and I have a good feel of who I am right now and where I want to go.




Was your psych eval a scary thought? what happened?


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I was so scared of my psyc eval for some reason. I was watching youtube videos of how others eval went and it had me more nervous than ever!! I even had a nightmare the night before my appt and in the dream she failed me and the hospital locked the doors right infront me :(

I had my appointment on 4/19 and it was totally not what I expected!! She was so nice. We had a convo like two old friends catching up. I felt as ease with her few questions and before I knew it our session was over. She approved me and invited me to her support group shes hosting on 2/23.

On another note...Hopefully things get better with your sister and husband.

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THOSE MFers...Im focused on me right now...get on board or jump off at the next stop!!

My eval was like 20 minutes..in a big BIG BIG historic creepy house with CATS!! I was thinking o man this house is so gorgeous...but smells and thought about facebooking the address if no one heard from me after...weird! and the psychologist was like a 4 foot nothing little man with white hair--all i could think in my head was gosh this is some creepy ****!!

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hehehe so... you got your psych eval at The Munsters. cool.

My husband actually failed his - he has a "bad attitude". No. Really ? hahahahahaha Seriously, the psychologist felt that he would sabotage himself and probably end up dead. Mine went without a hitch, although she did suggest anti-depressants and mood stabilizers more than once. I guess she knows who I'm married to :-)

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HAHA! you went to a psychiatrist? I was careful to choose a psychologist for that very reason. I wanted someone more personable like a social worker...THAT SUCKS FOR YOUR HUSBAND what now?

Im hoping my husband will be able to go in december, im adding him to my insurance in july since we just got married.

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BTW the first psych i called told me to pay $150 and give me my basic info and to just pick up my paperwork saturday morning...without seeing him or ever meeting him...I was look whoa this is some crooked ****! But maybe your husband needs one of those lol.

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