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I'm Feeling A Little Like Frodo.....



Ok folks- I'm going to expose my inner nerd a little here, so don't go telling anyone that I'm not as cool as all that, ok? ;)


I finally broke the 300 lb. barrier and am soooo excited to be in the 200s again. Ok, I'm only at 296, but that counts. So as I lift my eyes to look across the span of the next 100 lbs, I'm feeling a little like Frodo when he and Sam finally get into Mordor and look across to Mount Doom. (After all the spider trauma, of course;) ) All they see is a vast wasteland filled with threatening foes waiting to take them down. But, on the other side....Frodo knows that freedom from the burden chained around his neck awaits.


I know the freedom from this weight is coming. It just looks so daunting right now. Such a loooooong.....rocky....journey. But I'm ready. I know it's not magic, and it's going to take hard work. But when I get there, the relief will be soooooooo SWEET!!!!! I can't wait to cast it into the fire!! :)


Nerd moment over. Carry on.


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Awesome post! Congratulations on breaking 300 and just think how it'll feel when you keep getting closer to 'Mount Doom'. (By the way, I love the comparison). Keep us posted and keep rockin' your inner nerd as I'm a firm believer that they make the best, and most interesting, posts! If nothing else, having a sense of humor about it all makes the journey more bearable!

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Be proud of you inner nerd! Nerds and Geeks rule a lot of the world (think BIll Gates and those wizards from Facebook)and are responsible for all the good toys we take for granted (the wheel, fire, electricity, computers, etc). I am proud to be a geek - both professionally (engineer) and personally (love Star Trek, Lord of the RIngs, etc).

Congratulations on breaking 300. The next 100 will be gone before you know it.


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Congrats on breaking 300lbs! That is too awesome and wonderful! I know right now it may seem like your looking across the Mt. of Doom..but think 100lbs from now you're going to look back and think.. wow that went by quick, or you're going to think.. I remember writing that blog about losing 100lbs.. that feels just like yesterday! What was I worried about! :)

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Total nerd lover, here. I love the analogy you've used. Brilliant and expressive. Don't worry... we will be 'your Sam', you won't have to make that journey alone. Congratulations on your great accomplishment so far. I am still working on the insurance angle, and don't even have a date, (I long to be Legolas - light as a feather, walking atop the snow) and so I am the fellowship left for another task, yet carrying you in my thoughts and knowing you will reach your goal. I'll catch up to you in that enchanted place, some day.

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Congratulations!!!! This is so awesome! I will be so glad when I'm a post-oper but I just got started again so I guess it may be a few months. I just love reading the success stories on this forum!

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This analogy is SO TRUE!! I've already finished the Trilogy myself, but I can tell you the Victory would not been as sweet without all the battles in between. Keep pushing, and CONGRATS on this major milestone. :)

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