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Hard Day!

Phoenix Rising


Having re read my first entry, I knew it was too good to be true! Today has been awful, I have felt hungry all day and my stomach has been growling and complaining fit to be tied. I am still sticking to my milk diet, but oh dear me, it has been really hard today. I have a constant headache, and just feel terrible. (including feeling really sorry for myself). I have another 12 days to go and although I know I will do it (I must) it will be a very long 12 days. So what does everybody else do to distract themselves when they feel this way? I have tried some exercise, reading, doing sudoku and crossword puzzles but all my brain wants to think about is food.


My husband had a curry tonight as he knew I was struggling and also knows that I cannot stand curry, bless him. His way of helping at the moment is to eat only things I hate. Isn't that sweet of him. Trouble is, I feel so hungry that even his curry looked inviting!!!!!!


I know this will pass eventually, but waiting for that to happen is really tough.


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I am sorry you are having a rough time. I dont understand the two week pre-op diet, seems stupid to me. I had to do a 2 day clear liquid diet , my doc says that is just fine. I know they want you to lose some weight before surgery but I had no problem doing that since I had 4 months between my first appt and surgery. They should make them all like that in my opinion. Hang in there, keep us posted on how you are doing.

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aww girl I feel for you :( just remember the end result....how good you will look and feel. Ive found that keeping myself physically busy (cleaning, laundry, walks, organizing, painting, ect) helps kkep my mind off food and my hunger, also hot water with lemon cures hunger pains. hope it gets better for you :)

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