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Head Hunger

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Helen the Cat


I'm almost 8 months post op now, and you would think that I would have this Head Hunger thing under control by now! But it seems that I still am controlled by the Head Hunger, and not the other way around.


I have been dreaming all day of Brown Sugar Cookies. So I finally made a batch. Then felt guilty, so I bagged them up and took them down the street to my neighbor who is getting over a total knee replacement surgery. He said he didn't need them either, but I told him better him than me!


I do OK when I have to work. I work night shift, and sleep days, and don't really have time to overeat when I am working. But this week, I have four days off in a row. And I spend my days, all day long, thinking "what can I eat?", "how soon is it time to eat?". It is driving me crazy.


I have lost 100 pounds, and am so proud of my weight loss, but I am scared to Death that I will stretch out my pouch and re-gain the weight I have lost. What will I do for clothes then? I have given away all my fat clothes. And I'm not a pretty sight naked!


I am trying to eat reasonably. I am trying to eat in a Healthful manner. But this craving for stuff I don't need/shouldn't eat is driving me crazy, today especially. I keep thinking about Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Cheetos, Ice Cream, etc. It is going to drive me NUTS!

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I do this also. I'm always thinking about what I can eat for my next meal. I just try to keep it simple. Except today, I picked up some meat lover's pizza and my son will cook them tonight. I usually eat 1 bit with crust and then take the topping off. My other problem is I can find all kinds of junk food in my daughter's room and I start to mindlessly take a bite here and there. I plan and telling them that I am struggling with not eating this. I hope they understand. I need to not be snacking anywhere. ;)

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I'm struggling also but getting in touch with Little Miss Diva helped get me refocused and I'm logging my food again at myfitnesspal. I started a low carb diet like Atkins. After 3 days of that I find that it helps my head break off the addition and noise of always wanting more. I feel more myself.

If you have any suggestions I'd like to know. I'm glad I'm not alone.

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First off, CONGRATS on the weight loss and you did a GREAT job by giving those cookies away! that was a huge step right there, if your anything like me, not eating half the batch was the big hurdle :). I understand so much about the head hunger. The first week after my surgery I explained it to everyone like it was rehab for eating. My mind constantly said EAT PIZZA, EAT CHEESEBURGERS! I dont know what I thought I was going to do with that food, but my head sure wanted it. I still have the head hunger, but it doesnt cause me as much anxiety as it originally did. My problem now is my surgeon and nutritionist cleared me to eat anything. They said "nothings off limits, just take it slow". I dont think they should have said that to me, cause now I feel free to eat what I want. Now im a guilty wreck thinking I eat too much and not the correct things.

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