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Gym Not My Bff

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Who's That Girl


OK I did it. I went to the gym this morning and i did three miles between the Elliptical and Treadmill ... Yay Me! Why can't i like the gym as much as I love food. I suppose if I did I wouldn't be in the shape that i'm in ow. Anywho, I've made a promise to myself and that promise is to go to the gym at least 4 times per week and accept nothing less than 2 miles each visit. Post surgery this is going to be so very important so I need to figure out ways to make going to the gym enjoyable. Seriously, how hard can it be to go to the gym four days a week. I can do this! I can do this1 24 hour fitness is literally around the corner from my house - no frickin excuse.... Next step - add weights for toning.....Gotta love it!



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Congrats on making the decision to go. I signed up and havent been yet. But I do plan on it.. I think you lose faster when you do exercise. Well good luck and stay focused.

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Well if u figure out how to make it fun let me know! I've never been a gym person. I'm more the energy efficient type (A.K.A. lazy, lol). I did go when I had a trial membership a few months ago, and it was nice to go at a lower weight and be able to "blend in"!

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Walking and such is not your only option, and you will find shuffling your routines will keep you more interested - or at least less burned out. I would suggest walking or elliptical as a main exercize about 3x week, and seriously consider core training at least 3x also.

Core training is the foundation of your balance, and you literally retrain your body. Your posture will change, your ability to react fast and accurately, to stay balanced, hand to eye coordination - all is important and you see improvement with core exercizes - you don't even need weights in the beginning. Focus on planking, squats, raises, etc.

One thing I have always done is keep active. I couldn't always control my weight, so I focused on exercize. Just a little FYI on where my suggestions come from.

PS - if you burn out on the gym so be it. Get away from the gym, but just keep active. Get a bicycle or something.

I have a friend that found she needed obligation to help her move. She now walks dogs as a part time job, and volunteers her services to an animal shelter to walk dogs and play with cats and rabbtits - she couldn't stand the gym but the other she doesn't even see as exercize. I used to do it at home with volunteering to do wilderness tours. If you love what you are doing, it is 100% better than hating the gym. You may not even mind the gym on occasion after that.

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Exercise is my daily medication, It has been proven to add years to my life so I now feel like I need it in order to be here many more years for my husband and children. This is an investment in my health so I take it seriously and always change my routine. I could be walking, race walking, aerobics, spin, zumba or a fitness marathon. Good Luck.

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