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Emotions (8 Days Post Op)



Isn't it so funny how our emotions play games on us? This morning, I was on top of the world, and now I seem to be in the pit. I messed up on my diet, and now I'm having a hard time restraining the emotional abuse that I want so badly to unleash upon myself.


I guess all I can do is learn from this experience, and move on. I can't very well change what happened, but I CAN change how I react to it. I will choose to treat myself with kindness, and view this situation with eyes of grace.


God, I pray for everyone who is struggling today. I pray that you put this mishap in perspective for me, and that you'll remind everyone on here that they are so loved by you. This, too, was foreseen. It wasn't surprising to you, so God let us take comfort in the fact that YOU know what is going on. You know where the light at the end of the tunnel is. And even more, YOU are our light NOW. We don't have to wait until we're home to have that.


I hope everyone is thriving today. seeya.gif




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Hi Erica,

I also prayed with you, for you, for me, and others that are going through what we go through daily. Lord please continue to bless us as we move through the daily challenges of life. Please continue to place in our hearts the joy and love your grace and mercy brings. We are all flawed and will fall sometimes, but I have faith that you are always there to pick us up, and dust of off. Thank you Lord for giving us a new day to be the people we know we can be.

Keep on keeping on!!

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This was so uplifting for me! I havent had the surgery yet, but still struggle with some of these same emotions and praying always seems to help me know that he's got our backs and will be there to help carry us through this. Amen! and I hope all you are all blessed today and in the coming days. Good Luck! :)

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I prayed right along with you. This process is not easy and things may not always be constant but God is always there and never changes. You are right when you say he already knows everything... what we have done, what we will do and what we wont. This was so uplifting even though you are struggling. I am praying for you. I have becoming really emotional and realized that i viewed food as a friend and i feel like i have lost it. It will be back eventually. Don't get discouraged or lose hope.

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