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The Nose Knows



“You have such a pretty face….if only you would lose weight.”


I’ve been overweight my entire life. From the time I was a baby until now. My other overweight friends would complain bitterly about being told they had a pretty face, if only they could lose weight. I noticed no one ever told me that.


I chalked it up to the fact that I have a rather unusual personality. People as a general rule do not make observations about my appearance. I have thought perhaps a life time of being overweight has made me a bit prickly and intimidating to my fellow humans.


I’ve lost 50 pounds since my surgery. 65 since the start of the year.


I have discovered the more weight I lose the bigger my nose gets. It is funny; I never noticed the giant Italian snozz that graced my face when I was 260lbs.


I have come to the saddened conclusion that people didn’t tell me I had “such a pretty face”….not because of my personality type…but because I really do not have a pretty face.


I am honestly not sure which is worse. To be a total “B” that people fear- or to just be not very attractive.


The good news is I have bought a pair of size 12 low rise jeans. They are made for someone much younger than me…but I have to admit my butt looks fabulous.


Whenever I catch a man looking at me these days…I have this almost overwhelming urge to yell out-

“Wait- don’t look at my face!! Look at my butt! Look at my butt!”


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Is that your picture? If it is..........you are mistaken. You have a very pretty face, but something tells me you won't believe me and that is sad.

To cheer you up though I will tell you that I have the flattest butt you will ever see. I can't wait to be able to fit into those panties with cushion on them. Now THAT is sad! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!

Be kind to yourself sweetie.

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You're right... You don't have a beautiful face. You have a GORGEOUS face! Gorgeous is so much better than beautiful- like EVERYONE knows that. DUH! LoL. And congrats on the jeans love!

Now, I want you to know that not only do I think you are gorgeous- I'm a tad jealous of your butt too! When I started losing weight my bum was the first place it evacuated.

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Wow. Well it is certainly kid of all of you to say….honestly didn’t make the post to fish for compliments. I just thought it was a rather humorous observation. It is just funny the things one notices as they lose weight. As for my booty…I look for it to deflate any moment now…I just thought I would enjoy it for the short time I have it.

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For some reason it would not allow me to leave a comment on your dating entry. I just wanted to say that I've been telling anyone who will listen that I've had the surgery. Even complete strangers I meet. So far, people have taken it well.

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