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Secrets among friends..."Oh no she didnt!"

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Sleevie WonderLand


I went to my junior high school reunion this past weekend and was horrified at the aftermath of pictures that captured me in all my 250 pounds of flesh and flab. I’m not in denial, I know that I’m obese, but dammit, I didn’t realize that my arms looked like ham hocks and that I would look like a circus tent in my maxi dress that I thought would be flattering. I have that little piece of fat that almost hangs over my elbow point, and seeing it in pictures brought me to the lowest of lows. I’m fat. I’m obese. I’m so unhappy with me right now it’s not funny. *Note to self* Must remember to disable the "tagging" feature in Facebook.



To top things off, my girlfriend who I haven’t seen in about 8 months decided to roll out with me to the reunion. She comes to my house to pick me up, and this heffa has lost at least 75 bleepin pounds. She has on a form fitting dress and she looks like a freakin goddess standing next to big ol hulkin me. This hussy didn’t even tell me that she had lost all that weight! I know what you're thinking..and no, I didn’t ask her if she had surgery. I wanted to, but realized that if she wanted me to know she would have told me. Am I a little salty about that? Just a tad. Wait, no. Because I’m not letting anyone know of my plans for surgery, so I can dig where she’s coming from.



I went on and on about how fabulous she looked and was truly amazed at her transformation. She used to be short and round, but somehow she seemed a little taller now that she’s slimmed down. She could have worked hard and exercised and changed her eating habits to achieve this monumentous weight loss, but I really don’t think she went that route. I would bet money that she had some sort of WLS. So just to confirm my suspicions, I watched her eat. There was an abundance of food at the reunion…ribs, burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, Spanish rice, mac n cheese, corn on the cob, fried ckn, bbq ckn, turkey wings, pasta salad, garden salad, fruit salad, cookies, cakes, pies. Before the weight loss her plate would have been piled up with “a little bit of everything” on it. When she got back to our table she only had a bbq rib (a very small one) and about a half cup of Spanish rice. I sat and watched her pick at the rib and chew a small piece of it for the longest time. Then she had a spoonful of rice and pushed the plate to the side. To further confirm my suspicion, I brought her a bottle of water to drink. She told me she didn’t want it, she’d probably have something to drink later on. BINGO!



I think after I’m sleeved, I’ll share this story with her. I’m a little disappointed that she didn’t trust our friendship enough to let me know she was planning to have surgery, but like I said before, I understand why she didn’t say anything. The funny thing is that while she got lots of compliments on her weight loss, no one asked her how she did it. Throughout the course of the day we were talking about how one of our classmates resembled Raven Symone and my friend blurted out “I think she had the surgery!”. Everyone nodded in agreement, but my eyebrow went way up into my hairline. That was definitely confirmation for me. I just got quiet for a minute and daydreamed about next year’s reunion and my hope of sauntering my newly found fabulousness amongst my schoolmates.

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That's right - next year she will be scopin' out what you have on your plate! KB - you inspire me. I know the fat is temporary. (Yes, I've said that for 30 years) but this time...we will have the tools to succeed... primarily a much smaller tool box! Reb

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Too funny! I know how you feel, except my friend lost 130lbs after we stopped speaking for a few years & she married a pro body builder. I saw her & was like, "heffa!!". I said I was n't going to tell many of my friends & family, but I've been so excited, that I've blabbed it all over the place. Next year, is my 20th hs reunion. I can't wait to see those faces when I step in the place!! Next year, we'll chat & share our stories of how we gave them "fever" with our new bodies! :wink_smile: All the best to you!!

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@G-Diva...glad I could inspire you. I'm realizing more and more that our success is based in our attitude. It's such an obvious thing, but hard to live sometimes, especially when we're judged on our appearance THEN our attitude. You encourage me with your words, and I appreciate that more than you know.

@ BigSexy...girl, I cant wait to give ERRYBODY fever! I'm big now, but I still like to think I raise temps a little bit when I walk into some rooms! Again, it's all attitude. If I'm feeling myself on a particular day, you cant tell me nuffin! I cant wait to see your pics...you better be sure to take lots of them, especially of those people who's jaws hit the floor when they see you...PRICELESS!

I had an ex boyfriend that used to call me Big Sexy. *fanning myself after having a few flashbacks* Dont tell my hubby! LOL

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