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I'm Losing It (my mind that is)!

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I'm almost to my 6 month mark and this is typically where (in the past) I start to lose dedication/motivation to living a healthier lifestyle. THANK GOD I have the sleeve! Because this last week all healthy eating pretty much flew out the window. I was like a bottomless pit and did not fill that pit with the good protein I should have. Both Thursday and Friday I bought a bag of chips from the vending machine AND yesterday bought a bag of candy from their as well and had nachos for lunch.


I could sense it coming too. That's why last weekend I called to make an appointment with Jenny Craig. I realized that I do not have time/desire to cook (it was so different when I was off work this fall--I used my cookbooks, planned out and made meals, etc.) when driving 80 miles round trip for work and 30 miles round trip for exercise. I'm going in this afternoon just to pick up some food...I explained about the wls and how I just wanted access to their food and they seemed fine with that. I know frozen, processed foods are not the best, but for right now I need the ease and structure. I figure one meal per day will last me for breakfast and lunch and then I'll buy a couple more for dinners during the week. I like these better than the ones sold in the grocery stores and they have a whole lot less sodium.


On the other side, I'm still keeping up with my exercise routine, but it's getting harder. My body has been so exhausted. One night I got home and could barely move, but made myself get ready and drive the 25 minutes to class. It really helps that I made the goal of becoming an instructor because that is what keeps me going right now. I knew I was expected to teach a couple of routines so I had to be there.


I WILL get passed this 6 month hurdle (still two weeks to go) and come out victorious because of this great tool! I even managed to lose a little this week, down 1.5 pounds since Monday, so I guess the extra calories aren't bad, I just need to make them healthier calories.

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Stay strong! Alot of what you are going through is what I FEAR! I'm only 11 day's out from surgery and it scares me that I will do that! Sometimes we need to shock the body, maybe that's what you did and why you lost ;)

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You're going to get over the "hump". I think I hit the same thing around Christmas time, I lost all interest in being mindful of what I put in my mouth.

You'll do it DeeDee, and I've been having some WW meals just for ease and convenience for lunch. I hate cooking for just me, and I have a 2 time leftover rule.

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Thanks Shawna and Tiff for the words of encouragement. I will definitely get through this! I just got back from shopping and Jenny Craig. Picked up a few meals and am excited to use them for breakfast and lunch this upcoming week. I also set a goal there of 140 lbs. (there scale weighed me lighter than my own and this was dressed in the middle of the afternoon after eating steak for lunch), but my goal is still 148 on my own scale.

Shawna, don't be scared because unlike every other time, I am not regaining and getting depressed about it so gaining more. The VSG has helped me to break that vicious cycle. It's like I told my mom before surgery, a big part of why I need this tool is because I know myself and I want to be able to not gain when I come to a place like this and have a chance to get my head on right again in order to keep losing. I hope that makes some sort of sense.

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