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Why does it bother you



I do believe that LBT installed a block button if you care not to read peoples post that bother you. The last I checked we all have our own mothers and no one here can tell anyone that they are sick of reading their post. If you are then block them that way you will NEVER HAVE TO SEE WHAT THEY POST AGAIN. Frankly Im sick of people telling people what they can and can't post. Who cares its a forum its public and the last time I checked we can disagree, debate, argue etc as long as it is in the forum rules. There is no name calling so why does it bother some so much. If you spend that much time on lap band talk then maybe you should find something else to do. Do I like everything that everyone post? NO if I don't care to read it I move on or block them. It really is a simple task and only takes five minutes or less to find that block button. If you don't know how to do it then find someone who does. First of all if it bothers you so much what people post then you have an issue. I don't believe that every single person in the world will ever agree on the same issues. If you have a political thread is will get uglier then any that are on here. So block those that irritate you and move on.


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Jim I agree we all have those moments but no one has to post a rant about how we should not use our professions to give advise. Well I am proud of what I do and those who spend their entire day on lapband talk and have to be the first ones to post after everyone then there is something wrong with that and the same person that had to rant is guilty of the same thing.

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A great topic Cheryl...so many on the forum seem to have forgotten the rules for the forum, and common courtesy in interpersonal communication.

I can agree to disagree with the best of us, and sometimes the need to be right for others makes the forum too devisive to be an effective tool for sharing best practices and information.

If members feel the need to rant, it is a better choice to type their frustrations out to externalize their feelings, and then delete their message before posting. You still have the therapeutic benefits without all of the resulting turbulence.

A nebulous caste system does not exist on an open forum...J/S

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ooh hope this site doesn't turn into one of those types of sites... so far everyone has been courteous and helpful with questions and concerns regarding the band. I think it is good to gather all information possible, but to do so without negativity.

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