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I still a have a life

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I do alot of work with weight loss surgery pepole. I teach a zumba class just for pre and post opt. But one of the things that make me the saddest to hear is that they stopped liveing. They will not go somewhere with food is invoked. This just make me so sad. So how do i handle this. I like to point out some different ways.


1, What is the point of the get together


So when i want to hang out with freinds i used to say hay lets go for ice cream or hay lets go for lunch. Now i might say want to join me for a walk. Or it a nice day lets go for a swim .


Sometime we forget what the point of the event is and we get so caught up in what were going to eat that we forget what the point is. So back yard barbeque. what is the point to have fun with friends. That the frist thing i do is make sure i know the point before i even start out . I alway offfer to bring something. Most of the time it something tha i know i can have and will be good for me. Also drink right before you go. this give you 30 mins to play with. In this 30 min you walk around and make your game plan. If there is one thing that i relly relly must have that i know i will be okay with . I will pick that thing and have a small amount. Also the size of your plate. I always try and take small plates .


Just because you have your band dose not mean you need to stop living. I call April 23 2012 the day i started living. But if i look back on it I did not start living untill i relly let go of all the food fears and started making it my life style and not just some crazy deit plan. We all know deit do not work. Deit all about not letting your self have something this needs to be a life style

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You can still eat when you go out. The point of the band is to help you be satisfied with less. I haven't stopped going out to things that involve food - they are past of life

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Our family constantly celebrates... lol.. every event involves food.. however, since being banded, I just eat what we have in a very small amount or bring my own food.. my family has been so supportive and they try (bless their hearts) to make healthy food but they all still love bbq and lasagne and burritos, etc. so, I haven't stopped living I just make better choices where food is concerned.. I am very happy these days not worrying about my weight 24/7...

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