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Picture Painted

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Ok, I just went in for my 1 year post-op. June 22 will be my one year, but due to scheduling I went early.


Good news- I have lost 60 lbs since pre-op. I was down 7 lbs from my last fill in Feb (even though it doesn't feel like it). Every thing looks great- had floro fill done.


I would like to share a few things my doc stressed to me while I was there that painted a good picture of how life should be now....


1- I MUST see him at least once a year for a floro check of my band, to make sure I am not having any problems.


2- Eat 5 meals a day. This will keep my metabolism going and give me enough calories.


3- Eat only a cup at a time. His picture was: you use to have a 4 lane highway, now you have a one lane pig path- no more tractor trailers.


4- Small bites. A bite is the size of a peanut M&M and only 3 per min.


5- Sips of water. A sip is half a cough syrup cup - again only 3 per min.


6- Protein first then fiber.


Going in today I kinda felt like I did at the start of the journey, excited and waiting to get going. Not sure why I lost that fire before, but glad I found it again.

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Thanks CG- I haven't lost as much as I had hoped for in a year, but with this ignition of the fire again, I think I can get rid of the next 47 lbs by next bandversary.

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