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Compassion Lost...



I like to think that If someone is in pain I feel Empathy for that person and will do all I can to help. Since being Banded in 09 I've researched allot online and gone to numerous sites that promote forums for the Band. But the Thing that occurs consistently is the Lack of compassion for others :( If your going through a tough time, or went through it, SHARE your experience, research, or humor ( it goes along way to heal) about that experience. The people needing help don't always know the right thing to do, or questions to ask. Maybe their Doctor wasn't "the Best", and who's to judge? Do any of us really know all their is about our Health care professionals, or about the band? No, I think Not.


NO ONE PERSON has ALL the answers to LIFE or surgery :P


Negativity only breeds MORE Negativity. If someone said, you may only post FACTS, your experience is then irrelevant, and Thus, there is No need for forums like this, because we would only be able to view "The Facts" as presented by the manufactures, doctors, scientists, and researchers and then must take that as Fact. I personally believe Life experiences are more fact based at times than anything else but that is just my opinion ( and Yes I know we all have one :D )


Unfortunately, it's not only online that compassion has been lost, society as a whole seems lacking as well.. I guess I'll continue to listen to the little voice inside that keeps saying "If you can't say anything nice Don't say anything at all" Because I don't know everything, ( I've yet to meet someone that does) and I surely don't know what the Other person is going through right now..so I wish them, and You Well......


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True...unfortunately there are people who will argue with the "Life Experiences which are more fact based"....it happens here on this forum all the time.....maybe people just refuse something could possibly be true....or they don't like their views being challenged by other peoples even if it is fact based upon personal experiences with successful outcomes....

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Personally, I think that all points of view should be tolerated. How did we ever get out of the dark ages without someone standing up and voicing an unpopular opposing view? Many we're burned at the stake, stoned or even beheaded for going against the norm. 521 years ago, we still thought the earth was flat! 70 years ago people died from infections because we didn't have antibiotics! Treating our condition of obesity is one of the fastest evolving fields in medicine today. I'm all ears.

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Sorry Bayou Girl. I've seen that too. It's a shame that everyone's journey isn't considered valuable. The suspicion, calling ppl trolls, lack of trust out side the inner circle hear is really intimidating. I haven't had complications, but I know that I might. It doesn't scare me, it makes me more prepared just in case.

Other medical implants fail, get replaced with newer or different implants or procedures, why is this one not allowed to be vulnerable to failure?

That's why mine will come out when it's served it's purpose.

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