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This is how normal people do it...

Terry Poperszky


I was shaving this morning and my wife came in and weighed herself, curious I asked how much? Her answer was 122.5 (she is 5' 5"), and that around Thanksgiving she noticed that her back was hurting so she dropped 5 pounds and had been holding steady ever since. You know how my wife dropped 5 pounds and then holds her weight steady? She simply eats less. Not a diet, not skipping meals, not exercising, she eats less of the things that she eats every day. If she wants a beer or a cocktail, she will skip dessert.


This is how normal people interact with food. I am not normal, I am a mutant when it comes to food. The band is my tool to help me pass for normal person :)


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Just goes to show we are all different and unique in our own ways , your wife sounds like a petite little woman , wow I just want to be at 135 lbs and I would be happy and she is only a 122 lbs . well good for both of u still going through this together somewhat for us bandsters it's just a lot harder than the norm that's why I said unique lol

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Terry, doesn't that just frustrate you that people who have been thin are able to just back off a little bit and lose 5 pounds when they need to. I watch my adult daughters eat and eat and eat and they never gain an ounce. I eat probably 1/3 of what they eat at meals, and I've always packed it on. Frustration. But that is great that your wife can eat that way.

Speaking of normal, I had a discussion with my doc today and he said he hates diets. What? Isn't this whole thing a diet for the rest of our lives? Restrict portion size, restrict calories,carbs, fats, etc. But he said he will not prohibit breads, pastas, rice, cheese, sweets. We will lose quicker and easier if we don't eat those things, but he wants us to find a normal way of eating that will blend well with our families and going out to eat (healthy places). Of course if breads get stuck, we can't eat them. But he said after the initial 6 weeks recovery, he encourages his patients to just find as normal of a lifestyle of eating as they can, only limit portion size. It must work because he has many successful and happy patients.

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Well said....there is a life after lap band...

I am Now NORMAL...I no longer diet, count calories or measure/weigh food portions (not that I needed to with the band)

I go to parties, drink beer, enjoy life's little culinary pleasures, EVERYTHING a normal person does....don't run away from cookies, ice cream, chips and dip......I just don't make a pig of myself...ANYMORE

A normal person ALSO, as you have pointed out, EATS LESS...they may do it out of habit, I do it because of corrective surgery....(bu they don't need to know that)

A normal person ALSO stays very active....whether in the gym, cycling, kyacking, hiking, sports, WHATEVER..ALL of the above....

We call it diet and exercise...they don't even think about it...just enjoy it....and call it NORMAL

There IS LIFE AFTER all of this....there is an end....

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I get it now, eating 'normal'. My habits have changed tremendously since being banded. I know I still struggle and do find myself fighting with the hunger demons. I hope one day that changes so that I don't have to continue the constant battle daily...

Well put Terry :)

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