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when I was fat

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As many of you know I have a special needs son....who is in and out of the hospitals .


Well he just came home from his latest stay and this was the first time I wasnt the fat mom


It made such a differance...so many things I never realized...


I was so much more of a advacate this time...I was not afraid to go ask for a nurses help...or any thing that I thought would make him more comfortable or even for myself....When it was time for his meds and they were not there...I didnt feel like Oh gawd...what should I do...I knew what to do and I did it...and to my surprise I think I was treated with more respect...or at least its how I felt on the inside and that all showed on the out side...


And any one who has ever slept on a hospital cot over night knows how that feels when your 100 lbs over weight.....and this stay it still wasnt comfy but it wasnt uncomfy with the added OMG blankets dont move and uncover my big O butt while I sleep...


After some stays I can remember being so hungry but I wouldnt dare ask for anything from the nurses.....what would they think the fat lady wants more food !!!

This time...I asked if I could get some SF jello...or some crackers and peanut butter...

and I was proud of that....simple pleasures being with in a normal weight ...


I can not thank my Drs and Nut for the new life they gave this lady !!!

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Dee, this is an excellent post!!!!

Since I know exactly what your saying, I have tears of joy for you.

So proud of you girlfriend! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

I bet you could get that skinny little ass in bed with CJ and have snuggle time.lol. Really, really happy!

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I work with special needs kids everyday...all of them if you know what I mean......it's what I specialize in....and I know, as does the rest of the staff, all about "Special Needs Moms"....and the extrordinary gifts they have....can put me to shame with no problem any day of the week....

I also deal with some other Moms, well, lets just say it's a shame...

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This is beautiful! I think people do treat us differently when we're obese. However, in fairness, I treated myself differently too. :( The changes and transformation from losing excess weight are almost amazing... sooo many nsv that make us stronger and better. Congratulations Dee!

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