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45 lbs



I got my third fill on Wednesday. I am now up to 8cc in an 11 cc band. That one extra cc has really made me feel a difference. I have lost five pounds in four days. I really thought that 45 pounds would look and feel so much better than it does. But I think the most irksome thing is that it seems people don't notice I've lost anything. I'm guessing that some do and just don't say anything but after sooooo many years of hearing negative from people I was really looking forward to some positive feedback.


105 pounds to go.


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I saw some people after a 65 lb. loss and not one word and it hurt me. Next time I see these cousins will be around March or April.

What counts is my husband, sons and their wives (one not so much because I now wear her size) and my brother's family.

Just smile!

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Are you by chance still wearing old clothes that don't show the loss? I know on days that I wear my old clothes (always kept them in hopes I would return one day, and I am woohoo ;)) that fit more snug, people actually notice, but with baggier clothes (really trying to hold out on buying clothes as I keep going down pretty steadily) no one says a thing. But it may help I work in an environment with a lot of nurses, doctors, and health minded people, so they encourage getting healthier, if that makes sense. Like LovetheNewMe said, they may be jealous or just not know how or what to say. I have one person who is always complementing me, but at the same time, says she is afraid that she does not want to offend me in the same conversation. Like people don't want to make you feel bad about what you used to look like I suppose is what she means.

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