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Difficulties through the Journey...

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I think we all either have or will run into bumps in the lapband journey and we will all handle them in our own way.


I was banded June 22- the first week of Dec. I hit 199- Onederland- after starting at 244. The month of Nov. I only lost 2 lbs. and I fear Dec will be the same. My doctor says that isn't really a plateau and to not stress about it, easy for his 130 lbs runners body to say.


Granted, I haven't worked out must this last month. I have been busy with work (new system), getting ready for Christmas, Christmas parties and get togethers, and general household duties. I know there should be no excuses. However, when I get up at 5 am and and I don't stop going until 8:30 pm, that is all my body can give. As soon as my butt hits the chair I am asleep. Yesterday, it all caught up to me. Saturday night after our dinner party my head started hurting. I went to bed about 10 with it killing me. Woke of at midnight thinking I was going to have to go to the ER. I got some advil and took some. Woke up at 2 still killing me, but no worse. Again same thing at 5 and 6. I ended up not getting out of bed till noon. After that I felt groggy and like I'd been hit by a freight train. My hubs pointed out that maybe I needed the rest after running at such a rate for the last month and a half.


Today I am better, but frustrated. My weight is stalled in the 199-200 zone. I do weight daily, which I know many say don't do, but I track my trends. Since Dec. 2 my weight has been bouncing between 199.2 and 200.8. I have started back counting calories in the last week and my calorie counts daily stay between 1150 and 1300, most days closer to the 1200 mark. My fit bit says I am buring some where around 2000 calories a day so I should be losing around 1 lb a week at the least. But, I'm not. I am staying still.


I went to the doctor last week and it appears my thyroid is slightly off. I am going back this week to discuss meds. WTH- my thyroid wasn't off before surgery how the heck is it off now. No more than my thyroid is off my doctor says that shouldn't be causing a weight issue.


All this has gotten me down and frustrated and made all my fears resurface. Have I lost all I will loose? Am I destined to always be the fat chick? Can I do this? Am I failing my band? What am I doing wrong? Am I going to gain all my weight back?


I am freaking out right now. I want this so bad, but when I am doing what I suppose to (eating less moving more) and not losing I get so discouraged.

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Give it time & don't stress on ur weight cause I did the same thing I don't know if u had a fill or not but I wasn't losing untill my 2nd fill also I just spoke with another bander & she said it took her almost a year to get to her goal weight , then it kept moving , but she does look good , I guess we just have to be patient which we're not used to so just try not to stress on weight cause I know I have a lot of other stressers I deal with everyday, so just keep up ur journey & try not weighing urself but maybe once a week same day at same time , well good luck

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I have had 5 fills and I think I have hit the sweet spot. I don't get hungry for 4-5 hours and 1 cup or less will fill me up.

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You will get there.. keep staying on the right course. I read so much on here, people going through the same thing and I too have stalled for weeeeks! and I am just 2 months post op! but patience is where it's at. Maybe see a nutritionist if you haven't and see if she can help see any small changes you may need to make that you don't realize. Remember, stress can also stall weight loss.. relax and take some time for yourself, even if its for a short time, breathe and reflect. Good Luck to you hun.. you are always very encouraging to others and I love reading your posts. Keep up the good work!! :) **HUGS*!

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