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Is it possible to not be eating enough

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This may sound stupid but is it possible that I am not eating enough and not losing?? I am one month out and I do exercise but I am stuck on 18 pounds (which I am thrilled with) any advice???

Get my first fill 12-19-12

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Actually I just asked my nutritionist this last week because I use myfitnesspal to journal my food and found that some days I only get 5-600 calories, which worried me this is not enough. She said she was not worried about the 800 calorie days, but I needed to work on the below 800 calorie days. They (my nutritionists) really don't use calories in what I'm supposed to eat as they focus on protein and carbs, but I still see the calories and just think that is too low, even if I'm not hungry.

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Congratulations on losing 18 lbs, it is not expected that you will lose a significant amount of weight during the first 4-6 weeks after surgery. You have not had a fill yet so you do not have the benefits that the band gives you with making you feel less hungry and satisfied.. I caution you to not become discouraged this early in your journey with not losing every day or every week, this takes time and a lot of hard work. It took me 2 years to reach my goal and I had many "stuck" periods along this journey even doing the right thing. Your question is not stupid, no question ever is. Patience is my advice, I know we all want quick results but remember none of us became obese over night so the weight will not fall off over night. As far as eating to lose this is correct, it you have a large amount to lose 100-150 plus pounds during the early days if you eat 1000 or less you may lose weight, but it is very difficult to maintain a healthy body on that few calories and also very difficult to get in all the protein that your body needs. I stayed between 1000-1200 calories for my entire journey, I occasionally ate below 1000 but only on days when I was not hungry or when my band was adjusted. I will say the closer I got to goal the harder it was to lose weight, I had to eat more and exercise more for those last 30 lbs and it took me 7 months to lose. My advice is focus on getting your protein in, drinking your water and exercising. I wish you much success.

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It is possible to slow the metabolism down if you don't eat enough calories. Ask you dietician for a recommendation for you.

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Keep in mind, you have to burn more calories than you take in...so if you consume 1000 calories per day, you would need to burn app. 1500 calories the same day. And that formula is for a weight loss of 1 lb per week....multiply the calories burned per day for more.....

If you have trouble burning calories (lack of exercise, etc) then consume less.....

I NEVER counted calories, let the band dictate portion sizes and I made wise food choices.......and paid very close attention to my protein and water intake to sustain my metabolism and vital organ functions............

I have studied the "Starvation" mode very closely when I was first banded, and from a Physiology standpoint it makes perfect sense...for a NORMAL WEIGHT person....

It does not take into effect overweight people have a lot of fat stored to get through many famines.....as a matter of fact I WANT my body to rely on that stored energy source........just get your protein so your body does not turn on other important things you don't want to loose.

That's always been my philosopy, and my body fat % is now very, very low.....as far as metabolism, I have more than enough energy with some to spare...

I read somewhere....If you need to eat to loose weight...then none of us would be fat...

It's all about burning calories versus calories consumed...always has, always will be. And the band is there to stop us from consuming to many calories...

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I am 6 weeks post op tomorrow and after surgery I hit a plateau and stayed there for two weeks. I was eating 800 calories a day. I upped my calories to 1200 and have been eating that ever since and I started losing again. I tried carb cycling too which many on here have suggested and I did that for a week to jump start things. I think you do have to "trick" your system because it is smart enough to know when you cut calories it should store fat. I really liked the Chris Powell book on carb cycling too. I am not doing it now, but I do like some of his ideas. If I hit a plateau again, I plan to carb cycle for a few weeks again.

I started at 293 pounds and I am down 32 pounds. That is 1200 calories a day and working out for 40 minutes five days a week. Again, it works for me, but maybe not everyone.

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