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A Healthy Kinda Feeling

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Despite my current cold I seem to have I am feeling healthy. I am not sure if it's the weight loss, my state of mind, the vitamins I am on or what, but I am looking and feeling healthier.


I've lost 37 lbs in 3.5 months I am working out more, taking vitamins and eating better.


My hair is shiny and soft - my curls are fluffy and pretty. My skin is clearning up, obviously I am smaller because I am wearing smaller clothes. My nails look healthier. All in all I look different not just in size. It's nice to start feeling better about myself again.


I am only about half way to my goal, but seeing these signs of health are motivating. I want to be healthy and I would like to be pretty to.


I have always been the big girl who wanted to fade into the back ground in my personal life, in work I am more of a go getter. I do a lot of traning and talking in front of large groups and that doesn't bother me because I am talking about something I know well. Now work is changing we are switching up databases so I must learn an entire new system and train my staff on it. While I am nervous, I am always up for a challenge at work, so why was I so worried about the challenge in my personal life.


This weightloss is a challange. I am having to say no to things I would have once said yes to. I am having to choose to eat better things and less of it. I have finally gotten it through my thick skull that a calorie is a calorie no matter if it's from salad or steak.


I am becoming more of a balanced person, I feel accountable and in control of my work life and my personal life and what a great feeling that is. There are days and even weeks where I get discouraged and down, but I have great friends and family who are ready to pick me up and cheer me foward until I can get the wind back in my sail again.


Thanks to those of you out there who have been the wind in my sail a few times when I've been down. I hope I can return the favor one day.

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I think you wrote this for me!! ha. I so get how you're feeling. I don't feel the same degree of control as you do... yet. But, I sure hope to follow suit very soon. Keep on, keeping on!! Love your post.

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Congratulations. You are obviously in a great place mentally!

I know what you mean about feeling healthy. I just feel as though I am bouncing and so light on my feet these days.

One of my colleagues commented that since I have lost weight, I no longer talk about feeling unwell all the time - interesting insight into how my morbid obesity was really affecting my life, not to mention my interactions with other people.

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I truly understand. I had been a little down about my weight loss (30lbs since 8/13/12). But after reading this post i realize this is MY lifetime commitment to myself, for my health, family and to feel good about myself. Thanks for this post it brought me back to reality.

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