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Losing Weight Is Such A Juggling Act...i Should Have Joined The Circus



I went in for a fill this morning. I am now 9cc in an 11cc band. I hoping this is it for me in the way of adjustments. I am getting a little concerned as I have so much in the band already that I worry about maxing it out. A few people along with the Doctor told me not to let this concern me. Still plenty of room in the band and I could only be one small adjustment away from the ever elusive sweet spot. Adjustment I got today could be it but who knows.


How do I really know for sure though? I seem to come out of a fill appointment feeling good. I hardly get hungry and when I do it's about 5 to 6 hours after my last meal. My appetite is so diminished. I am really starting to believe I am in the zone but my brain is waiting for some kind of magical light bulb to go off in my head.


Scale will drop 10lbs or so in the first week after my fill then I sit idle for the next two until my next adjustment appointment. I can eat any kind of food that I want or have tried I should say. I am yet to attempt a hamburger or sub roll. I haven't had an actual hamburger since March but I am not missing it.


For the last week or so I was really looking forward to this appointment so I could see the Nutritionist only to find out one called out sick and the other was on Vacation. Needless to say, I was disappointed.


After talking with my Wife and Mis73 it is determined that I am not taking in enough Calories and most likely putting my body into survival/starvation mode. My last 8 day average is 898 calories per day. I am going to work on increasing to at least 1200 a day with a goal of 1300. My next appointment at the center is 9/25. My appointments are typically three weeks apart. We'll see how it goes. I lost 11lbs during this past three week window.


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You're doing great Jim, but I have to agree that 898 calories is not enough for a man.I think 1200-1300 is a little low. My dietician gave our group 1500 for women and 1800 for men. Getting an appt. with your nutritionist is a good idea.

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Hang in there, Jim. You're doing so well already! I know it's frustrating but don't let that frustration diminish how amazingly far you've come already. I really think the calorie increase will help you a lot, too.

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Never give up, never surrender. Too much at stake and already invested so much. Feeling too good to slide down a rat hole with bad eating.

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