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Fat Pant's



Happy Wednesday everyone. Today I want to offer some encouragement to all the new bandsters and all that have been working hard on their weight loss. While cleaning out the closet I found these pants that I "USED" to wear and they were tight before I stated my journey. I have now lost a total of 112 lbs, (Banded in October 2010) This has been an eye opening experience, I never realized how unhealthy I was or how badly I ate. I wish I could say my journey was over but I know that my true journey is just beginning. I now must maintain this new me, I must learn from the past year and rely less on my band and more on the new behaviors I have been drilling into my brain. Portion Control, Protein first and "No Snacking Between Meals" and let's don't forget daily exercise and if not daily at least 3-4 times a week. This is my life now, "Learning to Stay Healthy" This journey has given me back so much, when I started I was not only morbidly obese but I had sleep apnea, I was on multiple medications for asthma and hypertension. I have none of those issues now. I must admit getting here was a journey but being here is both rewarding and scary. The band has worked well for me, it has it's ups and downs but I have learned to work through them and have modified my eating and life style. I love my cyber family and all the support and encouragement they have given me and hope I can pay it back ten times over.


Happy Wednesday!


Picture # 2 is me standing inside of one leg, yes one leg of my size 24 draw string jeans. (I am sure we all have a pair or had a pair of these)

Picture # 1 is me in my small top and size 4 linen (no stretch pants) B)


blogentry-303680-13814445117321.jpg blogentry-303680-13814445116739.jpg


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Thanks for the inspiration. I am a few pounds away from reaching my goal for the second time. Maintenance has been a real challenge for me. Before my nip and tuck I had almost all the fluid taken out. My crazy idea that I would be able to do it all on my own. I wanted to recover and eat again. My fill nurse said I was crazy and that I may never get back to the weight I was. I am now struggling with trying to lose a few unwanted extra pounds that came back due to my poor choices! and snacking.....ugh

Lets say snacking is not a bandsters best friend!! I am back, and I am mindful, no more snacking. I get another fill at the end of the month. It is all about patience for me now and getting back what I once had is my goal today. Because nothing I mean NOTHING, feels as good a THIN FEELS!!!!

Your pictures are great.

I took my pants with me to a newbie meeting and people were shocked. Your pictures helped me to remember I want that back. I know I can do it. I need to keep blogging too it helps to keep me honest. Best wishes and thanks again for sharing. imaluckydog

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Very inspiring. I am only on week3 but it's very encouraging to see the successes of others, as well as thier failures. It makes this journey more realitic.

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