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How Often Can We Eat?



I got banded on Fri July 20. So I am new with all of this. I have been following my diet list from my dietician. I ate dinner at 5:30 pm last night and I had a cup of soup and a 1/4 cup of SF jello. I felt satisfied but then at 7:00 my stomach was rumbling so I had a snack of a SF popcycle. Then around 8:00 I went outside to walk to the stop sign and back, and all the while I felt really hungry again. When I got home I had a large glass of water. which seemed to satisfy only for a short while. I went to bed at 9:30 pm and all the time laying in bed I felt so hungry and had the awfullest pain in my gut and chest. So my question is, should I eat everytime my stomach grumbles? When I do eat, I don't eat large amounts.


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Hi, I was forwarded your question from another newbie like yourself, happy to help you on your new chapter, only eat when required too, don't eat because stomach is grumbling. That's only going to lead to future bad habbits that can slow progress. Your doing everything correct. Stick to The Sugar free jello, and basic soup stocks. When you drink water remember it can't be Ice Cold, that will cause your esophagus to tighten, and don't drink from a straw, that creates gas, speaking of gas, your going to experience sharp pain in your chest & neck area, that is built up gas from surgery, takes time to dissipate, also will happen if you drink to fast. When the hunger starts do exactly what you've been doing drink water,just take slow,small sips remember no straws. Don't get frustrated or scared I along with many others are here to help and answer. Feel free to ask for my help or guidance

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Don't eat because of the grumbling. Drinking water is a big help. Also, maybe if you tried some protien. I was never into the protien shakes but greek yogurt or cottage cheese??? Protien really does help keep you fuller longer.

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