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One Year And Going Strong

Short and Chunky


Well my friends, it has been a year since I was banded and plicated (is that a word?) I can truly say that my life has changed. At the tender of age of 60 - I am now a JOCK...I walk 2-3 miles per day and work out at the gym (yes, I said G-Y-M) for an hour 3-4 days a week. I have competed in 4 - 5K walk/runs and have registered for 2 more. Who would have thought? I have lost 104 pounds of me and I don't miss one ounce. Gone from a size 22W to a lean/mean size 12. WOW..I don't remember being a 12 in my past - but I am sure I was sometime in my past.


Has this been easy - Shoot NO. anyone who thinks it is hasn't walked in our shoes. If someone says oh, lapband, that will make your weight loss so much easier. HAHA, LMAO, What is easy about weighing your food, chewing until your jaws ache and eating bites that are too small for an infant? And lets not forget - No drinking while eating - that is a real good one to learn. I have gone to so many family gatherings where I actually leave the room just to avoid eating too fast or eating the wrong thing and that is OK. At least I will be around longer to enjoy those family gatherings.


As I look back over the past year I reflect on tears when I could not eat something I thought I really wanted. I remember not being able to eat my dinner as a restaurant (that's why they make takeout containers). I remember rushing to the bathroom because something was stuck - I thought I was having a heart attack- and then there is the slime ! But with all that "bad stuff" I remember crossing over into onederland and then down, down, down..I am now looking to drop even more (hopefully another 40). Celebrate ! But even if I don't loose anymore weight - 104 pounds of ME is GONE and GONE FOREVER. My BP meds - GONE, the borderline diabetes - GONE, the high trigylcerides -GONE. My 80 yr old Mother says that I have my "glow back". I guess she is right. I get up everyday looking forward to a new day in a healthier body.


All that stuff being said - Thank you Lap band, thank you plication and thank you lapband talk family because without you and your support I would not have been so successful. So, like it is said in the south - "If the good Lord willing and the creek don't rise" I will post again. I have never written on a blog before so this is another 1st in my new life. Thanks for reading and best wishes for your success.


Melinda in Florida



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I'm having it done on 7/26, on my 10 day liquid diet now. Your post is very encouraging! Thanks for sharing.

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Hello Melinda in Florida!!

Do live in Jacksonville? i recognized your Dr's name. I'm being banded on 7/20/12 by Dr Baptista. I'm so inspired by everyone's success.


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I am one WEEK post-op and am very inspired by your story. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work! :)

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Hippychick - Yep, I live in Jacksonville and I work at UNF. Good luck with your surgery. Wow, the 20th, it won't be long now. Stay in touch OK.


Knitmom - One week post op. How are you feeling. It was about at this stage I was getting my sealegs back and feeling pretty good.. I hope you are doing well.

Everyone - thanks for reading my blog. I plan to do it once a week (If my brain is working) as I know what reading others meant to me and how when I was down, these blogs and words of wisdom really helped me over a hump. Have a great week and weekend guys.


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