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Day 4



Holla people of the banding! It is Day 4 post-op for me. In my previous entries, I used hours-no more, I shall use days from now on because

1. Adding 24 to everything gets on my nerves


2. I'm just not that good at math


Today was a fabulous day for me, I took it easy yesterday after overdoing it on Day 2, so Day 3 I mainly rested, read, watched TV and thought how long is my stomach going to look so bloated? Isn't that an odd thing to ponder? I'm fat, but I don't want to look unnecessarily bloated! Pretty ridiculous, anyway that's how I felt. I have only taken 2 pain pills today, which is good because I was starting to fondly imagine them being M&M's. I continue to fall in love with my Crystal Light Lemonade and drink about 20-30 oz of protein today. I have yet to feel a hunger pain, or think about food in an unhealthy way, does no good so I will not waste my brain cells on disgusting greasy food that I no longer like, and Lord knows it doesn't like anybody!


Today I woke up feeling 99% better. My pain is minimal and seems to be concentrated to lower left and lower right side of my abdomen. There are no sutures or bandages there, that's just where it hurts for me, again, this may be from the hernia repair I just don't know. The important part is that it is getting better and better every day. I went shopping at Old Navy today, we have an outlet close to my city. I purchased 4 or 5 pair of terry cloth shorts that have a drawstring and they are the shiznet, especially in this heat. I looked upon some bathing suits and told them I would definitely be seeing them next year, maybe every style! I came home and walked 1 mile and took a shower, I feel great! I still havent tried to put solid food in my mouth, I'm uncertain if my Dr put any restriction or not when he placed it, but the way I feel now, I don't need it yet.


I want to thank everyone on this site, you guys are truly the only one's who understand, I thank you and am grateful for you everyday. Tomorrow is Day 5 and I'm excited about each and everyday that I'm alive. I'm also thankful I chose the band and not the bypass, it was the better decision for me. So here I am on Saturday night feeling anxious and happy about my future. I wonder when I can enjoy a glass of wine? I know they're empty calories but I still want a glass. I'm sure beer is out of the question, I don't like beer anyway. I will have Crystal Light Strawberry Kiwi and pretend, I'll put it in a wine glass! Lo & Behold!!!


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