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Just Rambling...

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As a follow up to my previous entry...I have a sleep study scheduled on May 14th. The results of this sleep study will determine if I am able to get my lap band. If I have sleep apnea I will be covered and if not I am at a loss for now...I have never wanted something so badly in my life. I hope and pray that I have some form of sleep apnea..as this is my last chance to "find" a co morbidity. Is it odd for me to be hopeful that I have a sleep disorder? If I have sleep apnea I will be able to stay on my same surgery track for a June 4th surgery date..if not then I must move on and find another way. But no matter what I will get this done, it is what I want and I will find a way-only I can take the steps needed to a healthier life and I am completely prepared to do so. Well just needed to get that out and off my mind for a bit..any thoughts? Advice?

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I love your attitude. I knew if my insurance didn't approve me, I would have also found another way. Keep your head up, and I "hope" you have sleep apnea :)

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