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My First Fill..... Done :)

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What a cool experience! First I was SO nervous and a little scared. I had mine done in radiology with my doctor and the radiologist. I got to see everything on the monitor. Both doctors were so gentle and the actual shot part was nothing more than a little pinch on my tummy however I would advise not to look at the needle but then again I’m one of those people that passes out getting my blood taken. It was really neat to see the barium after I swallowed it to go down to my band and pass on. As for the feeling of your band tighten, you can feel that just a little. No pain what so ever. Just feels like something giving your stomach a little hug were the band is. I have a 10cc band and had 3cc filled from surgery so now I had 1.5cc put in today for a total of 4.5cc. Hope this helps calm the minds of others going in for their first fill. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

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I also had my first fill today, I was nervous also but it really was no big deal. I had mine in radiology as well, didn't hurt at all! I got 3.3 cc, and that's all I have. He originally put in 3.5, then said it was too restricted when I drank the barium. We'll see, I am already hungry and can't imagine doing 2 days of liquids! Wish us all luck!!!

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Good luck write and let me know how you do eating. I'm not scheduled to have mine till May 24th, but already eat so little less than 1/2 what I used to I can't imagine eating any less. How much do you guys eat at a time?

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Mytimetoshine: Congrats I'm so excited for us. I was so relieved that is was nothing to get a fill. As for liquids my doctor said soft foods and take it easy with eating chew chew chew. Dont you just love how all doctors are different. Anyways good luck!

grandma13: It is crazy how little I eat compared to what i used to eat. My cousins kids 5 and 7 eat more than i do now lol. After the fill its not eating less its more of staying full longer. I'll keep you posted on things :)

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