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Day 4 Preop Diet....something Isn't Right?



For the last four days I have been really trying to focus on what I am consuming to ensure my liver has shrunk. This is hard because I feel like the only thing I eat are vegetables and fruit with creme of wheat and oatmeal. What confuses me is yes I have dropped 6 pounds since Monday but will my liver really be small enough? I can still eat cabbage and greens but I don't know if they are good for me. What I am really considering is after my preop appointment on next Wednesday to just start on the clear liquids for Thursday through Sunday. This would give me at least four good days to try to get my liver smaller. Another bad thing that I am noticing since I have sick with sinus and allergies is that I'm not getting that 64 plus ounces of water a day. As you can see I am in a panic mood right now. Please help me PLEASE!!!


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I can only comment on may own experience, but it was stressed to me by my doctor to maintain a lean high protein/low carb diet.....This will send your body into ketosis and it will start burning fat stored around the liver. So I was put on a diet of 60 protein/less than 30 carbs a day/ less than 700 cals a day.

He recommended 2 protein shakes and a lean cusine to keep it simple. It took 4 days before my body hit ketosis then I started losing a pond a day for the next 10 days!! It was amazing to see the scale change like that!!

So it may be worth considering.

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just follow the instructions that your dr. gave you and you should be ok...i too had to do a pre-op diet for liver shrinkage...i teetered between a 9-10lb loss and there was never any mention of my liver post-op...i was eating 4 shakes a day, veggies at lunch, and a 250 lean cuisine for dinner...i also struggled to get my water down...listen to your doc...if you are concerned give their office a call...

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You should be fine as long as you are following your doctors instructions. My doctor put me on the South Beach Super Charged Phase 1 diet.

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Thanks everyone. I am doing better today and have already had 2 protein shakes (42 grams of protein) and will be having Souper Salad for lunch. Of course, the goal is to plan my soup selection before going because several of their soups are high in fat and carbs. This weekend will truly be a hard test for me.

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I too will have my surgery on the 28th. I can have 3 protien shakes and a small salad a day. I have found out that I am allergic to slim fast. So I switched to attkins. It is getting harder and harder to just eat a small salad. They get bigger and bigger, but that is just lettuce, tomatoe, carrots and sweet peppers. Also when I get hungrey is when I start thinking (should I have the surgery, what if I can't control myself and over eat or gain may weight back plus more). It is a day by day struggle for me. Can't wait till I have the surgery.

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